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Before you buy a kitchen!

Buying a new kitchen can often be a confusing task.  What style will I go for?  What colour or wood finish do I like?  Where will I buy it?  It is often the most expensive purchase you will make for your home so it’s important to get it right.  Here are a few tips:

  • Ask yourself; What do I like and dislike about my current kitchen?  For example, if you have a low level oven built in under the counter, but recently your back has been acting up, then it makes sense to build a new one in at eye-level. The less strain the better. Does your dream kitchen contain kitchen wall panels that really bring out the beauty of the area? Or does it have a green wall that lends a tinge of verdency to the kitchen? What do you like or dislike about your kitchen?
  • Make sure you have adequate worktop space around the cooking area.  It’s vitally important to be able to take something out of the oven or off the hob and place it down straight away.  If you have to walk with it there’s a danger you will bump in to someone or something, leaving you with a casserole on the ground that only the dog will eat or one of your nearest and dearest screaming with burns.
  • Make use of all the wonderful internal storage solutions.  Pull out wireworks, drawer fittings and proper waste management can make life a whole lot easier.
  • If you plan on putting an island or table in the kitchen, make sure you have plenty of room to walk around it.  900mm is the minimum space to leave but I recommend 1200mm.  You need two people to be able to walk past each other without a fight breaking out!
  • If you are planning an extension or building works, it’s a good idea to design the kitchen before you start.  That way you can plan the extension and window and door positionings around the kitchen and not the other way around.  In the past i’ve seen people close to tears when they realise an island won’t fit in or they don’t have enough space for the fabulous overmantle they planned around their range. Get your Shower screen repair done here on this site! Do browse for more services.

Preperation is the key to a successful project.  Make use of our planning checklists in the download section and research all the wonderful products on the market.  You can also find suppliers for everything you need for your new kitchen or bedroom at kitchenindex.ie/supplier-directory

Some people prefer to do renovations before they sell a house trying to increase its attraction value. Still there is another option to sell your house “as-is”, so you do need to do some repairs or renovations. If you are interested in this kind of deal, contact SC Real Estate of Austin, Texas.

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