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Archive for January, 2010

Single Oven, Eye Level Double Oven & Double Under Oven Explained

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

A question has come in from one of our users asking if we could give an explanation on the difference between a double oven and a built under double oven.

I thought it best while we are on the subject to add single ovens into the answer and give a complete explanation on all three.

There are three main differences in these three oven types and these are size, application in kitchen design and internal capacity.

Single ovens are perhaps the most flexible oven when it comes to application in kitchen design.? The reason being that they measure 600mm wide x 600mm high, meaning they can be designed in both under the?worktop or in a tall oven housing.? By designing?them in under the?worktop you can minimise the amount of space taken up by the cooking zone in the kitchen as the hob will sit above the oven with the extractor above this again.? Typically a single oven has a capacity of 53-58 litres but they can reach as high as 70 litres giving huge cooking capacity.

Double ovens measure 600mm wide x 900mm high and as the name suggests they have two ovens.? The top oven is a grill come oven with the oven being a regular conventional oven with a typical capacity of 33-36 litres.? The main oven will usually be a fan oven with most brands having there own on the fan/cooking technology.? The capacity of this main oven will usually be 53-60 litres depending on the oven and brand.? The only way to incorporate a double oven into?your kitchen design is by housing it in a tall housing or a studio height (two thirds high) unit.? They will not fit in under the worktop as the usual base unit height it 720mm sitting on a 150mm plinth.

Built Under Double Ovens give you the functions of a regular double oven but?with a smaller capacity.? They are built specifically to fit into a standard height kitchen base unit and will typically?measure up to 720mm high so to?fit?perfectly into a base unit.? The main difference to watch out for is that while the top conventional oven will usually have the same capacity, the main oven will be slightly smaller typically with a 49-53 litre capacity.? Not usually a problem until you go to fit the turkey in at Christmas, however a 53 litre oven should be ok for most families.

Hope this helps!!

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