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Traditional & Classical English Style by Mereway Kitchens

Sometimes when we think of traditional kitchens, an image flashes in to our head of the typical English country home look.  Askitchen design has moved on over the years, the love of this kitchen style has remained constant, with homeowners loving a warm and cozy kitchen that awaits them after a long day.

Mereway Kitchens, with agents all over Ireland and the UK, have focused on this English style kitchen with their ranges they called “English Revival” and “Wentworth”.

Both range of kitchens come in solid wood and painted finishes with a mix of wood and paint being a popular style, however the English Revival range focuses more on upmarket In-Frame kitchens.

English Revival Shaker Design by Mereway Kitchens – Mixing Woodgrain Painted Finish

Mereway Kitchens – New England White – A Traditional Painted Kitchen

Again a Mix of Wood & Paint – This Time Solid Oak & Soft Green Painted Finish

These beautiful traditional and classical kitchens by Mereway Kitchens are available from Chris Keating House of Design.

For more information about Chris Keating House of Design visit their profile page here on Kitchenindex.ie by going to:


Visit Chris Keatings website at www.chriskeatinghouseofdesign.com

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