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Archive for March, 2011

German Kitchen Showcase: Part 1: Nolte Kitchens

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

In the first part of our focus on German kitchens, we are taking a look at a kitchen manufacturer that has grown over the last 50 years to become a recognisable brand in Europe and around the world.

Nolte Kitchens have dealers all over the world, with a selection based here in Ireland.  Though they produce classic and country style kitchens, it is with their modern and contemporary kitchens where they have really made their mark. 

Lets take a look at a selection of kitchens from the Nolte range:


Nolte Chicago High Gloss Purple


The Nolte Chicago in high gloss purple, as shown above, is a lovely example of what Nolte are all about.  A contemporary design while mixing and matching colours is a key trend in current kitchen design and style.  This is something I love about Nolte.  They seem to effortlessly blend and match colours and wood textures to create inviting and elegant kitchens.  You will also notice the use of lift up wall cabinet doors and open illuminated shelves that break up what could be a monotonous run of wall cabinets.  The illuminated shelves also gives extra light in the kitchen.


Nolte High Gloss Magnolia


In the Nolte High Gloss Magnolia, you can again see the common theme of mixing and matching.  This time Nolte have match the bright hue of magnolia with a darker wood grain to create contrast.  The t-shaped island unit creates plenty of work space while still managing to fit a breakfast bar for 3 people.  The breakfast bar is a key feature of Nolte designs, emphasising the fact that the kitchen is now the social hub of the home.


Nolte-NOVA-BRILLANT-29W_49L_gr_07Nolte Nova Basic

Nolte Toscana in Pear WoodNolte High Wood Boston Cherry


Some of the photographs above show the wide choice available with Nolte Kitchens.  The Toscana in Pear Wood has a warm hue to it with the High Wood in Boston Cherry offering a darker and richer alternative.  Whether it is a contemporary or modern kitchen you want, or a classic or country style, Nolte might have an option to suit you.  You can be guaranteed that your new kitchen will have the efficiency and ease of use that is typical of German manufacturing.

To find out more about Nolte Kitchens and to find a dealer in your area visit the Nolte website at:


Miele Drying Basket – For Things That Don’t Like Tumble Dryers!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

I came across this great little gadget from Miele today for your tumble dryer and thought “how handy!”

I remember as a kid my mother trying to wash my brothers comfort blanket and every time it came out of the washing machine or dryer there was another rip or hole in it.  So this little accessory called the Drying Basket is very handy for your Miele dryer.

Miele Drying Basket For Tumble Dryer

Miele say it is ideal for drying delicate items such as sports shoes or even cuddly toys.  Anything that you don’t want furiously spinning around the tumble dryer and being damaged can be placed in the basket and kept safe from harm.

The Drying Basket is available for Miele tumble dryer models T 7000, T 8000 & T 9000 series and is available to purchase on the Miele UK website.  The cost of the accessory is £ 31.99  inc VAT.

For more information visit the Miele online store at http://www.miele.co.uk/accessories/Details.aspx?rdid=1&aid=354

Bosch Launch Portfolio of New Appliances for 2011

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Bosch is proud to announce brand new launches for 2011 across all sectors – cooking, dishwashing, home laundry and refrigeration. The new appliances incorporate the very latest technology, resulting in the most water and energy efficient models available on the market today.

Bosch brand manager Ken Humphrey says, “We are proud to be launching our most energy efficient and technically advanced appliances ever. This innovative collection provides the end consumer with easy to use, forward thinking and built to last products that deliver exceptional results every time.

Key highlights of the launch include the new FlexInduction hob, which creates the ultimate in cooking flexibility thanks to its extendable zone that can be used to heat any size or shape of pan, as well as more than one pan at the same time.

Bosch is set to revolutionise the dishwashing market by launching two world first models for 2011. The Eco Silence Logixx is the world’s quietest freestanding dishwasher* with a 38dB noise level, while the Exxcel AquaStar is the world’s most water efficient** using just 6.5 litres of water to wash a full 13 place setting load. The Bosch AquaStar is available in white and silver innox as freestanding, semi integrated and fully integrated in 81.5cm height as well as an 86.5cm built-in model for taller kitchen cabinets.

There are also exciting new developments in home laundry with the Exxcel 7 VarioPerfect washing machine, which has an ActiveWater™ system that uses only the optimum amount of water per wash cycle. The EcoLogixx 7 condenser tumble dryers, available with a solid and glass door are the most energy efficient yet, using heat pump technology to deliver A-40% energy ratings.

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director of Waterwise, says, “Bosch has always been at the forefront of environmental design and the water technology in these new machines is the best on the market. The use of intelligent water dosing and real time turbidity testing enables the machines to minimise water use without compromising performance. Waterwise is very excited about the new range as Bosch is mainstreaming water efficient technology with desirable products – good news for everyone and the environment.”

Bosch is also launching a brand new range of frost free refrigeration in both built-in and freestanding models. Key appliances include an upright frost free freezer with matching fridge and Logixx built-in and freestanding fridge freezers, which benefit from A+ or A++ energy efficiency ratings.

To help make life easier, Bosch has also introduced a series of new LowFrost fridge freezers to the Avantixx and Classixx range, which benefit from glass shelves in the freezer, so freezing elements are hidden in the housing, creating more storage space. The smooth surface is also less likely to suffer from frost build-up, which ensures quick, easy cleaning of normal dirtiness for more dangerous and hazardous toxins you can hire services as Asbestos Pros .

New Product Highlights:

* New range of hobs, hoods and ovens includes FlexInduction, tempered glass gas hobs, Exxcel extractors and compact steam
* Two world firsts for dishwashers – world’s quietest model at 38dB* and most water efficient with 6.5 litre consumption**
* Intelligent washing machines and tumble dryers with minimal water and energy usage
* Innovative refrigeration with frost free and LowFrost technology and new black designs

For more information on Bosch Appliances go to www.bosch-home.co.uk

* on Eco 50 programme as at August 2010
** as at August 2010

AEG’s CrystalLine Modular Hobs Lets You Customize Your Cooking Zone

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Depending on what you like to cook, and how you like to cook it, choosing a hob for your kitchen can be a difficult task.

To allow greater flexibility to keen cooks, appliance manufacturers came up with the solution of offering modular or single width domino hobs that could be mixed and matched depending on the need of the homeowner.

And this is AEG’s latest modular hob creation.

AEG CrystalLine Modular Hobs

CrystalLine, a new collection of cooking modules from AEG, will let you creatively customise your cooking zones according to what you like to cook and however you like to cook it.

The sleek, minimalist, glass modules integrate into any kitchen style and can be combined easily with other materials – wood, stainless steel, marble, for example – or more glass, a dominant trend in modern kitchen architecture. They also integrate seamlessly with the other appliances in the new AEG Collection.

Wide range of modules

CrystalLine offers a choice of induction, gas and radiant heat modules to match the preferred cooking methods of the most exacting chefs. The collection includes the following modules:

• paired single + triple zone radiant burners

• paired maxi induction burners with bridge to create one large cooking area

• induction wok burner

• teppan yaki grill

• double gas burner

• gas wok (with wok stand)

Mandurah Electrical services controls on each of the electric modules create a precise connection between the appliance and the person using it. The temperature is set with a single touch and fine-tuned with a slider. LED readouts beneath the glass display the status of the burners at a glance.

Consumer Contact Details:

AEG, Tel 08445 611611


Or visit the website of Irish distributor KKS at www.kks.ie

AEG PerfektFit Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer – Perfect for the Modern Kitchen

Monday, March 14th, 2011

If you are a fan of larger America Style fridge freezers, but prefer a more streamlined contemporary look, then AEG’s updated version of their PerfektFit side-by-side fridge freezer could be the answer.

AEG PerfektFit Side-by-Side Fridge FreezerAEG PerfektFit Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer

A traditional American Style ‘Side by Side’ model can disrupt the clean lines and break the smooth run of cabinetry because its depth is bigger than that of a typical European kitchen worktop – and it will protrude. However, AEG’s PerfektFitTM offers all the benefits of a top range SBS and will also align perfectly with the kitchen cabinetry.

AEG offers two versions:

1. AEG S95800XTM0 PerfektFitTM European SBS with tall fridge, a freezer and a wine cooler

2. AEG S95500XNM0 PerfektFitTM European SBS with a tall fridge and tall freezer.

Less than 60 centimeters deep, AEG’s PerfektFitTM fridge-freezers offer consumers the advantages of a side-by-side configuration in a size – including door – that matches the standard European counter depth.

And they’ve just got better, winning two of the most important international design awards plus one important recognition by consumers, and updated with A+ energy efficiency, LCD touch controls, LED lighting, new interior design and new handles.

With the trends towards larger packaging, an increasing number of refrigerated foods and weekly shopping, the side-by-side configuration is already popular, growing 60% in volume between 2005 and 2009, according to GfK.

“Consumers like the side-by side configuration, but some have held back because neither American nor European side by side match European kitchen dimensions,” comments Andrew Wasdell of AEG. “If you put them between standard kitchen cabinets, they stick out.

“On the other hand, integrated side-by-side solutions are aligned with kitchen design, but have to be built in. PerfektFit™ is unique because it’s a free-standing appliance, but it has built-in dimensions so it can be aligned perfectly with the kitchen furniture.”

Award-winning design

PerfektFit™ has been designed to integrate seamlessly into European kitchens in style as well as size. That’s why the appliance has won two of the most prestigious international design awards, the 2009 iF Product Design Award and the 2009 Red Dot Design Award, and one important recognition by German magazines specialized in home design, the 2009 White Star Gold Award.

“Design is a big factor with the trend towards open plan kitchens,” Andrew Wasdell comments. Appliances not only have to integrate into the kitchen, they have to integrate into the living space.”

Consumer Contact Details:

AEG, Tel 08445 611611


Or visit the website of Irish distributor KKS at http://www.kks.ie

Flush Fit Gas Hob From Teka

Friday, March 11th, 2011


There is an obvious trend in contemporary and modern kitchen design for all things slim and integrated.  With that in mind, kitchen appliance manufacturers are designing gas hobs that sit flush with the surface of the worktop, and this is Teka’s latest version.

Flush Fit Gas Hob From Teka

Teka’s new gas hob blends almost seamlessly with the worktop, creating the type of low profile appliance that is much favoured by modern kitchen designers.

The new Teka flush-fit gas hob can be used with both natural gas and LPG and features front control knobs for fast and easy temperature control. Sturdy cast iron pan supports, complete with raised Teka logo, sit atop the slick stainless steel hob. The cast iron pan supports can be lifted off with ease giving full access to the stainless steel hob for cleaning purposes. The hob is available in a 60cm version with 4 burners or a 90cm version with 5 burners. Both sizes of hob offer a wide selection of burners to suit all cooking needs including triple ring burner and traditional fast and semi fast burners. All have been dimensioned for standard pan sizes and to assure an even cooking temperature across the whole surface of the pan.

An auto-ignition system is integrated into each burner and is operated by a single control knob. Hidden in the gas exit is a tiny spark plug which lights the gas when the ignition button is pressed. On each individual burner is an auto-lock safety device, a guarantee of maximum safety. Should the thermocouple temperature sensors detect that the flame has been extinguished the electrovalve will stop the gas flow within seconds.

Manufactured to the highest specification and designed to blend and harmonise with any kitchen style, the innovative flush-fit gas hob from Teka brings a very contemporary look to cooking with gas.

For more information on Teka products, visit http://www.teka.com/html/uk/home.php or contact the Irish distributor at http://www.kks.ie

Mereway Kitchens Launches New Styles In Their Cucina Colore Collection

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Mereway Kitchens, the UK kitchen manufacturer with reseller here in Ireland, have launched some fabulous new additions to their Cucina Color Collection.

Soft shapes and textural finishes are what it’s all about this year, and this Spring sees the introduction of some irresistibly stylish products into their Italian inspired Cucina Colore collection.

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Mereway New Lastra Coco Bolo & White GlossMereway Lastra Mali Wenge & Pergamon Gloss

Whilst white is the colour that never goes out of fashion, the current trend sees combinations of vibrant, interesting woodgrains and softer organic hues even on Labtech Supply lab tables. With this in mind, Mereway Kitchens have launched new finish Coco Bolo; a flat slab MFC door with a striking, linear woodgrain available in a light textured matt finish or sleek high gloss finish.

For a darker, more sumptuous feel take a look at new Mali Wenge; a rich, dark woodgrain finish available in matt textured and high gloss options. With both finishes starting in Price Group 1, showrooms can really create the look of a designer kitchen but at a really affordable price. For the kitchen, along with this content, the plumbing would be a bit of hassle to carry out if there are leaks, but that’s nothing that a good plumbing service cannot achieve.

For those looking for solid colour options Mereway Kitchens have introduced new doors in Olive and Pebble; 2 soft earthy hues with a tranquil feel. Featuring the latest matt foil technology these new doors simulate a painted finish that’s almost velvety to the touch.

Cucina Colore distinguishes itself with a palette of 25 door colours and finishes that stand out from the crowd in silk, soft matt, textured, gloss and gloss woodgrains. Combine these with a choice of 22 cabinet colours, for endless design possibilities.

But it’s not just colour that creates a design statement. As curves continue to dominate modern kitchen design, Mereway have remained bang on trend with internal and external curves for their Lastra slab style available in all 6 gloss painted colours; natural tones White, Cream, Pergamon and Cappuccino as well as classic bolds in Burgundy and Black. Or select smooth external curves select the popular handleless Futura style with grip profiles in a choice of colours for even greater design possibilities.

The range unites Italian sophistication with quality British manufacturing. Packed with minimalist style, the Cucina Colore range not only looks great in the kitchen but design ideas can run right through into living areas creating seamless flow of furniture.

Mereway Kitchens are available from various resellers around Ireland, including Chris Keating House of Design.

Visit www.chriskeatinghouseofdesign.com for more information or call them on 021 4634738 or 087 6944235

Eye-Catching Pulse Electronic Tap from Teka

Thursday, March 10th, 2011


We are constantly trying to bring you the latest products for your dream kitchen, so when we saw this tap from Teka, we just had to share it with you.

Teka  Pulse Lifestyle TapTeka Pulse TapTeka Pulse Tap Detail

The Pulse, Teka’s first electronic mixer tap, is at the forefront of modern tap technology. Its ultramodern shape creates a profile of gentle curves and straight lines lending the sink area a futuristic appeal.

Available in a chrome finish, the rounded spout of the Pulse has integrated electronic controls for simple one handed temperature adjustment and flow regulation. The slim border around the electronic controls illuminates to indicate water temperature. Graduating from blue for cold water to red for hot water this feature is both eye-catching and functional.

The versatility of the Pulse tap is evident in its ability to be used either as a standard mixer tap or as a spray tap. The pull down shower head is equipped with 2 sprays for practical directional spray for all rinsing and cleaning requirements. The Pulse spray head then fits neatly back into place.

The Pulse is easy to install with a simple transformer and comes complete with an emergency battery in the event of a power failure.

For more information on Teka products, visit http://www.teka.com/html/uk/home.php or contact the Irish distributor at http://www.kks.ie

Colour Your Bin With Brabantia!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Brabantia Colour Your Bin

If you’re looking an accessories to add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen, then it might be worth looking to Brabantia bins.

Brabantia have made their Touch Bin DeLuxe available in pretty much an conceivable colour, which means choosing between black, white and stainless steel is well and truly a think of the past.

I really love the fact that you can choose any colour you want from an RAL chart, so finding the perfect coloured bin to suit your kitchen colour scheme.

Take a look for yourself at http://www.brabantia.com/Data/Colouryourbin/en/ where you can simply click on a colour and see the bin on screen in the colour you have chosen.  Even better, you can order the bin direct from the Brabantia website and your latest kitchen accessory will be delivered direct to your door.