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AEG’s CrystalLine Modular Hobs Lets You Customize Your Cooking Zone

Depending on what you like to cook, and how you like to cook it, choosing a hob for your kitchen can be a difficult task.

To allow greater flexibility to keen cooks, appliance manufacturers came up with the solution of offering modular or single width domino hobs that could be mixed and matched depending on the need of the homeowner.

And this is AEG’s latest modular hob creation.

AEG CrystalLine Modular Hobs

CrystalLine, a new collection of cooking modules from AEG, will let you creatively customise your cooking zones according to what you like to cook and however you like to cook it.

The sleek, minimalist, glass modules integrate into any kitchen style and can be combined easily with other materials – wood, stainless steel, marble, for example – or more glass, a dominant trend in modern kitchen architecture. They also integrate seamlessly with the other appliances in the new AEG Collection.

Wide range of modules

CrystalLine offers a choice of induction, gas and radiant heat modules to match the preferred cooking methods of the most exacting chefs. The collection includes the following modules:

• paired single + triple zone radiant burners

• paired maxi induction burners with bridge to create one large cooking area

• induction wok burner

• teppan yaki grill

• double gas burner

• gas wok (with wok stand)

Mandurah Electrical services controls on each of the electric modules create a precise connection between the appliance and the person using it. The temperature is set with a single touch and fine-tuned with a slider. LED readouts beneath the glass display the status of the burners at a glance.

Consumer Contact Details:

AEG, Tel 08445 611611


Or visit the website of Irish distributor KKS at www.kks.ie

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