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Flush Fit Gas Hob From Teka


There is an obvious trend in contemporary and modern kitchen design for all things slim and integrated.  With that in mind, kitchen appliance manufacturers are designing gas hobs that sit flush with the surface of the worktop, and this is Teka’s latest version.

Flush Fit Gas Hob From Teka

Teka’s new gas hob blends almost seamlessly with the worktop, creating the type of low profile appliance that is much favoured by modern kitchen designers.

The new Teka flush-fit gas hob can be used with both natural gas and LPG and features front control knobs for fast and easy temperature control. Sturdy cast iron pan supports, complete with raised Teka logo, sit atop the slick stainless steel hob. The cast iron pan supports can be lifted off with ease giving full access to the stainless steel hob for cleaning purposes. The hob is available in a 60cm version with 4 burners or a 90cm version with 5 burners. Both sizes of hob offer a wide selection of burners to suit all cooking needs including triple ring burner and traditional fast and semi fast burners. All have been dimensioned for standard pan sizes and to assure an even cooking temperature across the whole surface of the pan.

An auto-ignition system is integrated into each burner and is operated by a single control knob. Hidden in the gas exit is a tiny spark plug which lights the gas when the ignition button is pressed. On each individual burner is an auto-lock safety device, a guarantee of maximum safety. Should the thermocouple temperature sensors detect that the flame has been extinguished the electrovalve will stop the gas flow within seconds.

Manufactured to the highest specification and designed to blend and harmonise with any kitchen style, the innovative flush-fit gas hob from Teka brings a very contemporary look to cooking with gas.

For more information on Teka products, visit http://www.teka.com/html/uk/home.php or contact the Irish distributor at http://www.kks.ie


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