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Results of our Poll on “Favourite Style of Kitchen”

“Our Survey Says………..”

Modern Kitchens are your Favourite!!!!

Tavola Black Brown Ferrara by Kitchen Stori

We ran a quick and short survey on Kitchenindex.ie to determine our readers favourite style of kitchen.  We asked the question:  What is your favourite style of kitchen design? Our readers had to pick from four possible answers, and here are the results:

  • 33% said they preferred Modern Style Kitchens
  • 25% said they preferred Contemporary Style Kitchens
  • 24% said they preferred Traditional Style Kitchens
  • 18% said they preferred Classic Style Kitchens

If we take this survey as an indicator of homeowners preferences towards kitchen styles, it suggests that most people still prefer modern and contemporary kitchens.  Classic style kitchens came out bottom of the survey but I would imagine that not everyone is as familiar with classic style kitchens as they are with the rest of the options they had.

This little survey give an insight into homeowners preferences and hopefully you’ll all agree makes for interesting reading.

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