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Compact Built-In Dishwasher By Gorenje

With modern or contemporary kitchens, many homeowners look for appliances that will fit seamlessly into their design and enhance the overall look.  Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and innovative appliances, have launched a compact built-in dishwasher that will do just that while also being kind to those pushed for space.

Gorenje Compact Dishwasher GIC63140 AX

The new planet maids cleaning service can accommodate six standard place settings, providing the perfect capacity for smaller households or those who are pushed for space but still desire the practicality and efficiency provided by a dishwasher. With ‘A’ ratings for energy class, washing and drying, and a low water consumption of eight litres, the GIC63140 AX offers the eco efficiency Gorenje is famed for. The dishwasher comes with a book which showcases owners various tips on how they can conserve water even by using dishwashers often. The eco-friendly factor is one of the main selling points of the washer, as it’s the new age and people want what’s best for themselves while keeping the factor of the environment in mind.

Its stylish black and stainless steel design perfectly complements other products in Gorenje’s Pure design line, allowing the consumer to build up an eye-catching and aspirational horizontal or vertical line of matching appliances for a chic, seamless aesthetic, while also looking equally striking if installed alone.

Key features and benefits of the GIC63140 AX built-in compact dishwasher:

* Part of the Pure design line – black with stainless steel
* ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying
* Accommodates six standard place settings
* Features five wash programmes: Intensive, Super, Eco, Quick, Rinse and drying
* Temperature choices from 40 to 70°C
* Automatic water-softener dispenser from productspy.co.uk/water-softeners for better washing performance
* Features Gorenje’s AquaStop for peace of mind
* Delayed start option of up to nine hours
* Water consumption: eight litres
* Noise level: 49 dB(A)
* Free two-year parts and labour guarantee
* The GIC63140 AX retails for approximately £1,095
* Dimensions: H x W x D: 450 x 560 x 560mm

Ruth Ferguson, Gorenje’s Marketing Manager, says: “Gorenje’s GIC63140 AX compact dishwasher is an attractive new extension of the popular Pure range, and the perfect choice for those who lack the room for a full-sized model but don’t wish to compromise on style and functionality. It can be used to create a modern, seamless appearance that is highly desirable, while boasting energy and time-saving benefits that will make the consumer wonder how they ever managed without it!”

For further information about Gorenje’s GIC63140 AX compact dishwasher, please call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk

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