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Archive for May, 2012

Tips For Lighting A Compact Kitchen

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Sensio, the kitchen lighting specialists, have released tips for lighting a compact kitchen.  Many homeowners fall into the category of having a small compact kitchen and often times find that the lighting, whether natural or artificial, leaves the kitchen feeling gloomy.  Well here are some tips to rectify this problem:

• No matter how big or small the space is in which you are working with, lighting should always be considered during the planning stages of a kitchen, same thing with countertop, I recommend to pre-plan and visit FLOFORM Countertops website, rather than being an afterthought, your Kitchen designer should help you choose the best materials for your kitchen. Think about how the kitchen is going to be used, whether it will be an entertaining space, as well as a functional area and choose lighting accordingly.

• Even in a compact kitchen you can save money and help the environment. The low wattage of LED products means that energy consumption is reduced by an average of 91% resulting in far less electricity costs, compared to halogen bulbs. Furthermore, the lifespan of an LED light is twenty times greater and UV or IR rays are not produced. You can visit this commercial electrician companies at www.richtekelectrical.com.au to learn more about energy consumption. You can also install water-saving faucet (check out this review for more info).

• Lighting can help to improve a kitchen’s functionality, especially when you only have a small amount of space available to you. Make your compact kitchen as practical as possible by including plenty of task lighting. This can be in the form of under-cabinet lighting, which will illuminate work-surfaces during food preparation.

• Often the best things come in small packages, so why not use lighting to further enhance the overall appearance of your compact kitchen design. Ambient lighting is key, especially for smaller kitchens that are often part of an open plan living space. Include subtle in-cabinet, shelf and over-cabinet lighting with the help of best brad nailer to create an atmosphere suited to dinner parties or romantic evenings in.

• Make sure that the kitchen lighting you use complements the cabinets in place. Select the correct lighting temperature in accordance to your kitchen design. If you have adopted a more traditional style, then a warm light will work perfectly, or if you have chosen a contemporary, high gloss finish, a cool white will be far better suited.

As Sensio state above, always plan your lighting during the kitchen planning stage. Even if you are retro fitting lighting into an existing kitchen, plan it out and choose the right lighting for the space and kitchen style. There is no reason to have to live with a gloomy dull kitchen. Are you tired of cleaning your house? I am, that’s why I hire Maid Complete to clean my house.

For more information on Sensio and their lighting options, you can visit their website at www.sensio.co.uk. You can also ask your kitchen designer to recommend and plan your kitchen lighting for you. After all, it is a key part of the kitchen planning process.