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Must See Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd

Looking for a great deal on granite or quartz worktops?

Then you simply must check out these fantastic special offers from Stone Surfaces Ltd.  Stone Surfaces Ltd serve all 32 counties of Ireland and provide a full templating, manufacturing and installation service for granite and quartz worktops.  You can find contact details for Stone Surfaces Ltd. at the bottom of the page.

Quartz Worktop Special Offer:

Stone Surfaces Quartz Worktop Special Offer

Granite Worktop Special Offer:

Stone Surfaces Granite Worktop Special Offer

Stone Surfaces Ltd.,



Tel: 043-6671365

Fax: 043-6671636

Email: info@stonesurfaces.ie

Website: www.stonesurfaces.ie

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2 Responses to “Must See Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd”

  1. Bernadette Says:

    What level of granite is shiva black

  2. Kitchen Index Says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    By asking “What level of granite is shiva black” is presume you mean what price level. If not please correct me.

    Shiva black granite worktop, which is black with a white cloud through it, would normally be priced in the lower price grades of granite worktops.

    I hope this helps Bernadette.

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