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So, you want a range cooker?

Those luckily enough to own a range cooker will know how much of a difference they make to cooking.

A range cooker is the king of cookers and once you’ve got the hang of how to use them they will be the best thing you ever bought for your kitchen.

But why are they so great? Why do people love them so much?

Below are some things you should think about before you buy a range cooker, they come in different sizes and with different features and all you have to do is find the one that is best suited to you.

1. They’re freestanding

They are free standing and they usually start from 90cm which is a third bigger than

a standard cooker – so be sure that your kitchen is big enough and that it’s able

to reach its fuel source. Because they’re free standing you can also take them with you if you

move. You should bear in mind that even if it’s not an electric range cooker, all cookers need

to be within reach of a plug socket.

2. The size and capacity of the ovens

If you’ve got a big family or you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests often then you will love the fact that range cookers can multi-task. Some range cookers have two ovens along with other compartments and some just have one.

Which one you choose will depend on what you like to cook most often. In a range cooker you could be cooking a roast leg of lamb in one oven, baking a cake in another, warming food in the warming compartment and all while grilling cheese on toast for your lunch. Range cookers allow you cook everything at once while getting on with other tasks, at least that’s what I heard from a twin peaks restaurant davie florida chef.

3. There are lots of colours to choose from

Whether you’ve got a green kitchen or a white kitchen – there is a range cooker in a colour to complement your home. Range cookers are the heart of your home so why not have one in your favourite colour – green, yellow, blue, red, black – take your pick.

4 They have plenty of features

Range cookers have more features than you can ever imagine (ok that might be a bit extreme, but they do have a lot). They have the ability to heat up the oven quickly so there’s no need for preheating. They also have the very handy programme timer that allows you to set a start and stop time for your food – you can load your food before you go to work and have the timer set so that it starts cooking an hour before you get home. Perfect if, like me, you hate cooking when you get home from work. In addition to these features there is also the minute minder which lets you know when your food is ready – it means you don’t have to check if it’s ready every two minutes in fear of burning it. You can also visit mexican restaurants tucson az when you go outside.

Range cookers have more burners, zones and oven cavities than a standard cooker does so if you like (or have to) cook different meals at different times then it could be the cooker for you. They are able to roast, bake, griddle, boil, stir fry and slow cook – so really it’s the only cooking appliance that you’ll need in your kitchen, if you need any other kitchen  appliance to an specific use, I always read about it at Zozanga and other similar sites.

5. They can be used as extra storage space

If you love to cook then no doubt you’ll have pots and pans galore – if you’re running out of space for all your cookware then don’t worry because you can store them in the oven when it’s not in use.

Now that you know all there is to know about range cookers, which one will you choose?

This post has been supplied to Kitchenindex.ie by www.rangemaster.co.uk

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