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Pedini Launch New Materika Range

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Materika by Pedini is another stunning kitchen design!

There is no doubt that one of my favourite Italian kitchen brands is Pedini.  Each kitchen range, especially in their contemporary portfolio, exudes elegance and simplicity, with unique curves a Pedini speciality.

Their newest Builder, gives designers and homeowners the choice of matt or glossy lacquered with the added beauty of natural veneers.  This really allows a contemporary kitchen become earthy and suit a range of style and homes, whether your home is city slick or you want to add a contemporary touch to an older house by hiring types of home inspections San Diego we added more shine to the house.

One thing I have said in previous blogs is that I love the use of wood veneer in contemporary kitchens.  Shown below is Materika in knotty oak and if you scroll down to the end you will see it in darker stained veneer too.  The natural wood veneers add a different dimension to what could be an otherwise clinical kitchen.  If you love contemporary but want a softer feel to your new kitchen, veneer may be a great option for you, or a mix of both lacquered and veneer, as shown below.

Pedini Materika Kitchen

Pedini Materika Shown in Combined Knotty Oak & Lacquered Finish

Pedini Materika Angled End Panel For a Slimline Look

Pedini Materika Angled End Panel For a Slimline Look

Pedini Materika Door Profile

Pedini Materika Door Profile

Pedini Materika in Dark Stained Veneer

Pedini Materika in Dark Stained Veneer

For more information on Materika by Pedini please visit their website at www.pedini.it.  You will also find a list of worldwide dealers on their website, they have great content, the indexsy lists top uk seo agencies helped them find the right professionals.

German Kitchen Trends: What’s hot in Germany?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Want to know what kitchen trends are popular in Germany right now?

German kitchens are so popular right now with Irish and UK homeowners, probably because Germany is seen as the trend setter when it comes to kitchen design, they turn to Kitchensmanchester.org – Fitters and Designers.  We love German kitchens here at Kitchenindex.ie, so we wanted to be able to tell our readers what styles, layouts and colours are popular in Germany right now.  If it’s a hot trend in Germany, you’ll see it on the market for kitchens in Ireland and the UK too.

We wanted to get it straight from the horses mouth, so we decided to interview one of the biggest kitchen retailers in Germany, Küche&Co to find out what trends are currently popular in the German kitchen market.

Kitchenindex.ie: What kitchen styles are most popular with German homeowners right now?

Küche&Co: Modern and contemporary kitchens are most popular although we still design and fit classic and country styles for certain customers.  High gloss kitchens are our biggest seller with handleless door styles growing in demand.

(Examples of German handleless kitchens.  Notice the use of soft colours)

High Gloss Handleless White Kitchen

Cubanit Gloss - Soft tones on a handleless kitchen

Kitchenindex.ie: What colours would you say are the biggest seller for Küche&Co?

Küche&Co: We tend to get asked a lot for soft colours such as white, ivory, stone, grey, sand and cashmere.  But white is definitely the most popular colour for kitchens in Germany.  What a lot of homeowners are opting for is two tone or colour blocking.  This might be in the form of choosing a different colour for your tall cabinet or for a niche shelving area.  It could also be a different colour on the wall cabinets than that of the floor cabinets.  Colour blocking can give the WOW factor to a simple kitchen design, so we design a lot of this in to our kitchens, the design includes the latest appliances like ovens or a vacuum sealer land which are popular now a days.

(Some examples of soft tones, two tone kitchens and colour blocking)

German kitchen with colour blocking

Two tone German kitchen

Kitchenindex.ie: In terms of kitchen layouts, is it large open plan living areas that are popular or smaller kitchen spaces that are closed off from the rest of the house?

Küche&Co: Most definitely it is open plan living spaces that incorporate the kitchen, dining area and living room.  I think this is the same all over the world.  People want space around them and want the kitchen to be very much a social hub within the home.

(Open Plan German Kitchen –  Kitchen is finished in Sand Gloss Lacquer with Virginia Oak)

Open Plan German Kitchen -  Kitchen is finished in Sand Gloss Lacquer with Virginia Oak

Kitchenindex.ie: You mentioned that classic and country style kitchens are still being requested by your customers.  What colours are popular among these style of kitchens?

Küche&Co: Even though you might think that classic and country style kitchens are traditional looking, they really aren’t so much anymore.  Our designs are quite simple in terms of door styles and colours.  Our two most popular septic tank pumping lebanon pa from our classic and country style kitchens are the Oak Terra and the Oak Platinum.  The Oak Terra is beautiful dark coloured kitchen and the Oak Platinum is a lighter more subtle colour.

Oak Terra Classic Style German Kitchen

Oak Platinum German Kitchen

About Küche&Co:  Küche&Co are one of Germany’s largest kitchen retailers with about 100 kitchen showrooms and over 300 design consultants in Germany.  You can see their full range at http://www.exclusivkitchens.com.au/kitchen-designer-showrooms-brisbane

See more of our blogs here: http://www.topmasterlocksmith.com/residential-locksmith/

Fantastic Stone Worktop Special Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Granite, Quartz and Silestone Special Offers

Do you fancy new granite or quartz kitchen worktops fitted in time for Easter?  Maybe you’re having friends or family around for dinner and want to impress them with your new worktops not like you’re alone that you can just make an Easy one tray dinner for yourself.  Or maybe your looking to finish off your new kitchen with natural stone worktops.  Either way,  Stone Surfaces Ltd, serving the full 32 counties of Ireland, are offering deals which I think you will find hard to beat.

Both granite and quartz worktops are a fantastic way to finish off your kitchen and give that luxurious look and feel.  Both are extremely hard wearing and easy to keep clean in the modern home. If you are looking for online home cleaning services, checkout Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to learn more.  For years, granite and quartz were hard to afford for many homeowners but I think you’ll all agree that these offers by Stone Solutions Ltd change all that.

When you choose drain cleaning Leesburg fl for your home or business, you can be sure that one of our qualified service technicians will be on time and courteous.

Sinkology copper sinks will make your home stand out and give you that look you have been dreaming about.

The first offer is a special rate on selected granite and quartz worktops when fitted before Easter 2013.  The second offer is for varying discounts on selected colours in the Silestone collection.

Stone Surfaces Ltd are located in Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford but serve the whole of Ireland.  To avail of these fantastic offers you can email them at info@stonesurfaces.ie or call them on 043-6671365.  These offers are available for worktops fitted before Easter 2013 so contact Stone Surfaces Ltd as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Check out the offers below and contact Stone Surfaces Ltd by phone or email as above.

Stone Solutions Granite Quartz Worktop Special Offers

Stone Solutions Silestone Worktops Special Offers

The Maestro Kitchen For Musical Cabinets

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Fancy dancing around the kitchen?  With The Maestro Kitchen from Harman Kardon you can, first make sure you read some karaoke machine reviews online to start making a good environment around the kitchen.

This ingenious sound system is specially designed to fully integrate into a kitchen cabinet with no visible speakers, cables or subwoofers. Producing astonishing audio performance with superb, natural hi-fi stereo sound playback from CD, iPod/iPhone/iPad, USB or FM radio , the control panel sits behind a sophisticated glass panel with a full-color display that has capacitive touch control buttons and is décor-friendly and easily cleaned.



In home technology such as this is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for their favourite gadgets to be integrated in to their living spaces.  With this in mind, The Maestro Kitchen is sure to be a hugely popular addition.  Watch the video below to see more!

For more information and to find stockist in Ireland go to Kitchen Central
To find international stockists please go to http://www.harmankardon.com

S-Box Gives You Clever Worktop Storage Options

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Extra power sockets, hidden knife bloc, sneaky spice rack or an innovative iPod or iPad docking station.  These are all options with this clever new kitchen accessory, the S-Box, it also comes with an excellent knife sharpening guide which is worth the reading.

This first S-Box™ range is a practical and stylish way to increase the storage space in your Kitchen and with a carefully selected range of products and contents to suit every taste, enables your kitchen to look clean, clutter-free and well presented. We also recommend cleaning exec cleaning service to clean your kitchen.

Maximising otherwise wasted space towards the rear of the cabinet or within the voids in a kitchen island, each S-Box™ can be easily installed and adds value and innovation to any kitchen design. Described as the most innovative development in the kitchen market since the soft-close drawer, the S-Box™ is set to become the next “must-have” accessory in every household. Another thing necessary is to hire cleaning service, and we recommend maids columbus oh.

Take a look at the options available:

For more details on the S-Box you can visit the website at http://the-sbox.com/

Panoramic Induction Hob For A Sleek Look

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Gorenje Kitchen Appliances

Ease of cooking, energy efficiency and safety are all things that come to mind when choosing a hob for your kitchen.  That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing an induction hob over traditional gas and electric.

Gorenje, the Slovenian kitchen appliance manufacturer, see the importance of adding more choice to their portfolio of innovative induction hobs and so have introduced three new ranges to their collection, including a panoramic and a five zone model.

Gorenje Panoramic Induction Hob

The latest additions to Gorenje’s induction hob range are a five zone model, a four zone panoramic hob and a four zone 60 cm wide model. They feature a chic black glass design, with easy to use touch control, residual heat indicators and safety hob locks for peace of mind. The new panoramic and five zone hobs also offer several innovative functions such as Boil Control to prevent pans boiling over, and StopGo to temporarily pause the cooking process.

Ruth Ferguson, Gorenje’s Marketing Manager from one of the best digital marketing companies, says: “Induction is rapidly becoming the most sought after hob type, and consumers are looking for a variety of sizes and configurations so they can pick the right one for their kitchen. Gorenje’s new induction hobs come in a selection of arrangements to ensure that the consumer can find the ideal one for their needs, whilst offering elegant, seamless design and thoughtful functionality.”

Key features and benefits of the IT1141AC Panoramic induction hob:

  • Four zone induction hob with ergonomic panoramic design for easy access to pots and pans
  • Stylish black glass finish with chamfered edge
  • Two 21cm zones offer up to 3.7 kW each, and two 18cm zones offer up to 3kW each
  • BoilControl helps prevent pans from boiling over
  • PowerBoost function further enhances the performance of the hob, delivering additional time savings
  • StopGo function allows the consumer to temporarily suspend the cooking process when unexpectedly interrupted. One touch of the StopGo key freezes all settings, temporarily switching off all active heating zones until reactivated by the StopGo key
  • StayWarm function allows the consumer to keep their food warm at an optimum temperature
  • Residual heat indicators illuminate to show which zones are still radiating heat, ensuring even greater safety
  • Safety control lock for peace of mind, particularly around children
  • Timer function for easy use
  • Comes with Gorenje’s free five year parts and labour guarantee
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 43 x 1070 x 410 mm
  • The IT1141AC retails for approximately £799

For more information about Gorenje’s new induction hobs call Gorenje on 020 8247 3980, or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk.

A Fridge With Apps – Samsung Fridge Will Keep You Connected

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

We all know that technology is playing an increasing important part in our lives.  Our homes are full of gadgets that help keep us connected with friends, family and the outside world at large.  We have even seen technology play a part in modern kitchen design through such things as smart lighting, touch technology in kitchen appliances, touch sensitive doors and drawers and even remote control cooker hoods.

But the smart people at Samsung have gone one step further.  They have introduced a refrigerator to the US market with a built in LCD screen that features some pretty cool apps.

Samsung Fridge With LCD Screen & Apps

How would you like to keep updated with your families activities, comings and goings?  This Samsung fridge has an app for that with built in Google Calender.  Or maybe you would like to leave a note for a family member.  That’s not a problem.  How about showing off some photographs you took.  You could show friends your holiday snaps and family photos from your Picasa library, mobile phone or SD card.  You can even make sure your plans for a weekend barbecue will not be a total washout with the Weather Bug app.  Maybe the coolest app of all and most relevant to the kitchen is the Epicurious app that allows you to access hundreds of recipes to try out, which also means you will never run out of dinner ideas.  Oh yea, you can even Tweet from it!

Samsung LCD Screen with Apps

With all that technology you would be forgiven for forgetting about the features of the actual refrigerator itself.  Well it seems like Samsung haven’t.  Apart from looking great, this fridge offers large capacity and a FlexiZone counter height drawer that gives four separate temperature settings, to meet your ever-changing needs; Meat/Fish, Cold Drinks, Deli/Snacks, and Wine/Party Dishes. Plus, the customizable Smart Divider allows easy, personalized organization within the drawer.

Other features include the Twin Cooling Plus System that separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer to help keep food fresher for longer, superior ice production and storage and LED lighting that gives better light inside the refrigerator while also making it more energy efficient.

Compact Built-In Dishwasher By Gorenje

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

With modern or contemporary kitchens, many homeowners look for appliances that will fit seamlessly into their design and enhance the overall look.  Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and innovative appliances, have launched a compact built-in dishwasher that will do just that while also being kind to those pushed for space.

Gorenje Compact Dishwasher GIC63140 AX

The new planet maids cleaning service can accommodate six standard place settings, providing the perfect capacity for smaller households or those who are pushed for space but still desire the practicality and efficiency provided by a dishwasher. With ‘A’ ratings for energy class, washing and drying, and a low water consumption of eight litres, the GIC63140 AX offers the eco efficiency Gorenje is famed for. The dishwasher comes with a book which showcases owners various tips on how they can conserve water even by using dishwashers often. The eco-friendly factor is one of the main selling points of the washer, as it’s the new age and people want what’s best for themselves while keeping the factor of the environment in mind.

Its stylish black and stainless steel design perfectly complements other products in Gorenje’s Pure design line, allowing the consumer to build up an eye-catching and aspirational horizontal or vertical line of matching appliances for a chic, seamless aesthetic, while also looking equally striking if installed alone.

Key features and benefits of the GIC63140 AX built-in compact dishwasher:

* Part of the Pure design line – black with stainless steel
* ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying
* Accommodates six standard place settings
* Features five wash programmes: Intensive, Super, Eco, Quick, Rinse and drying
* Temperature choices from 40 to 70°C
* Automatic water-softener dispenser from productspy.co.uk/water-softeners for better washing performance
* Features Gorenje’s AquaStop for peace of mind
* Delayed start option of up to nine hours
* Water consumption: eight litres
* Noise level: 49 dB(A)
* Free two-year parts and labour guarantee
* The GIC63140 AX retails for approximately £1,095
* Dimensions: H x W x D: 450 x 560 x 560mm

Ruth Ferguson, Gorenje’s Marketing Manager, says: “Gorenje’s GIC63140 AX compact dishwasher is an attractive new extension of the popular Pure range, and the perfect choice for those who lack the room for a full-sized model but don’t wish to compromise on style and functionality. It can be used to create a modern, seamless appearance that is highly desirable, while boasting energy and time-saving benefits that will make the consumer wonder how they ever managed without it!”

For further information about Gorenje’s GIC63140 AX compact dishwasher, please call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk

ATAG launch their new collection of cooker hoods

Friday, August 12th, 2011

For most people researching their best option when it comes to a new cooker hood, there are a few key factors which mold their decision.

Quietness, extraction rate and efficiency are three of the main things that people look for in a cooker hood.  With that in mind, ATAG, the Dutch company famous for its professional standard built-in kitchen appliances for those who are passionate about cooking, presents its new generation of cooker hoods, which ensure optimal air quality in the kitchen alongside quiet, efficient extraction, and for the people who like pressure cooking they can also get information online from cooking blogs such as http://www.corriecooks.com and others.

The new hoods feature ATAG’s latest version of its unique Air Logic HR® System, which uses specially designed filters to absorb more than 85 per cent of all the grease in the cooking vapours, therefore performing better than conventional hoods.

ATAG cooker hood

The Air Logic HR® filters are recessed into the cooker hood, creating a ‘cloud zone’ between the filters and the edges. This ensures cooking vapours and smells are effectively captured and extracted. A further feature of the filters is that their design enables extraction across the whole surface, rather than directly under the motor.

ATAG’s new range of hoods includes 12 different models of chimney and island hoods, with a stylish stainless steel finish. Selected models, such as the ES1292MAM, are also available in ATAG’s popular Graphite Black, offering plenty of choice for the discerning consumer, and allowing them to choose the ideal finish for their design scheme.

Key features and benefits of the ATAG ES1292MAM island chimney hood:

* Sophisticated Graphite Black shade, also available in stylish stainless steel
* Powerful 749m³ maximum extraction capacity (per hour)
* Exclusive German-made motor, specified for ATAG, offers a super quiet noise level of just 57dB on position three
* ATAG’s improved Air Logic HR® System ensures optimal air quality
* Electronic touch-sensitive keys for easy operation
* Three settings and an intense setting for all extraction needs
* Automatic ten minute over-run to exhaust cooking odours and lingering smells
* Clean Air function contributes to clean air in the home, even when not cooking
* Indicator when grease or carbon filters are saturated to ensure kitchen stays clean and fresh
* Six robust stainless steel filter cassettes, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
* Three 20w lights for easy visibility
* Recirculation available with additional modification kit
* Suitable for connection to an external motor for even quieter operation
* Dimensions: H x W x D: 830 – 1150 x 1150 x 700mm
* The ES1292MAM retails for approximately £1679

Bill Miller, ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “Good extraction is vital in the modern kitchen, particularly with the increase in entertaining at home and experimenting with different styles of cooking, and ATAG’s new range of hoods feature superior technology to ensure a clean, fresh kitchen. The improved Air Logic HR® System maintains optimal air quality, with quiet extraction that won’t drown out the conversation.”

For further information about ATAG’s new range of hoods please call ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at www.atag.co.uk

La Cornue: A behind the scenes look at the luxury cooker brand

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Are you interested in a luxury cooker for your home?

I must admit, I probably didn’t realise the care and attention that went into the making of interior decorator La Cornue cookers.  But when I received the latest issue of the La Cornue newsletter this morning and watched the video attached, I soon did.

This video shows the craftsmen hand making a La Cornue island, the custom built kitchen centerpiece customised to the customers specification.  This really is cooker luxury with water filtration system.  The video is in French but with English subtitles.

Watch and enjoy!