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Archive for the ‘Latest Kitchen & Bedroom Products’ Category

Leicht Kitchens Offer Style & Sophistication

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Leicht Kitchens

Leicht kitchens, the German kitchen manufacturer, offer kitchens that exude style, elegance and sophistication.

We have just added Leicht kitchen brochures to the download section of KitchenIndex.ie for you to download and browse through.  These two brochures cover both the Leicht contemporary and traditional ranges and I am sure you will agree that they are nothing short of stunning.  Leicht create kitchens that?are warm and inviting even when designed in a contemporary and minimalistic way.  By offering fabulous colours and wood textures, and often combining both, Leicht Kitchens are both luxurious and homely.  They really are a must see.

To browse through their brochures, go to our download section and click on either of the Leicht brochures.

To find a dealer of Leicht Kitchens, go to Leicht Kitchen Suppliers or visit the Leicht website at www.leicht.de.

Snaidero Code lets you mix and match

Monday, July 5th, 2010

If you are a lover of fine Italian design, the Code range of kitchen from Snaidero will let your creative juices flow.

Snaidero code has been unveiled to give contemporary kitchen lovers lots of design choice while making colour selection so flexible, you can mix and match it to your hearts desire.

Snaidero Code Kitchen Range

Snaidero Code Kitchen Range


Snaidero also supply worktops to match along with a large selection of handles and fittings.

To see more of the Code range by Snaidero, visit there website at http://code.snaidero.it/eng/

You can also download the?full brochure in our download section at http://www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/downloads.aspx

AGA launch limited edition in Duck Egg Blue

Friday, June 25th, 2010

AGA Limited Edition

AGA, the worldwide famous oven brand, have launched a new?limited edition 3 oven AGA in duck egg blue.

The limited edition product launch, to celebrate AGA?s 300th anniversary, features a hand enamelled AGA logo and data plate to distinguish the limited edition version from the rest.? It is available with or without a module.

To complement the duck egg blue oven, AGA have also launched a limited production cast iron cookware set.

I personally think this new colour would work wonderfully well with an off white painted kitchen or a warm timber like oak.? Either way, I think AGA are on to a winner with this one.

What do you think?? We always love to hear from you.

New In-Line Dishwasher From Neff

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Appliance brand Neff have launched a fabulous new dishwasher that will help a streamlined look.

The aim of the new In-Line dishwasher is to allow it to fit seamlessly into a wall of appliances meaning not only will it achieve a sleek and streamlined look, but it will also be fitted to a more convenient height or position?for easier access.

This makes the In-Line dishwasher easier to combine with other In-Line appliances such as ovens, coffee makers, microwaves and warming drawers.

The dishwasher comes in two standard sizes and although it is compact in design, it can still accommodate dinner plates, saucepans and delicate wine glasses.

For more information visit www.neff.ie

Kitchen iPad – Will it take off?

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Hi all,

I came across this on YouTube and just had to share it.? An Apple iPad built into a kitchen door.? While this?is?from?a DIYer,?I wonder will we see more technology enter the kitchen?

If you ask me,?I think that by being properly integrated into the kitchen rather than simply cutting a section out of the door and fitting it in, this is a real winner.

What do you think?? To watch the video, click here

Glass Kitchen – New Kitchen from Snaidero

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Glass Kitchen by Snaidero

Ever thought of a glass finished kitchen?? Maybe not!? But now you can.

Snaidero, the Italian kitchen manufacturer, has launched a new bespoke glass door in its Orange kitchen collection.? Available in both white and graphite grey, it can be finished beautifully with a 12mm lacquered tempered glass worktop to give a sleek contemporary look.

Another fact worth noting is that because glass in completely non-toxic and recyclable it will not add any unwanted contaminant to your kitchen making it a fantastic option for an eco-friendly kitchen.

This glass kitchen would also be fantastic for small kitchens or kitchens that lack natural light.? The glass in the doors and worktop?produces a 3D feel which in turn offers great depth, lightness and?transparency.? Just imagine what that would?do for?a small kitchen.? It would open it up and allow any light to illuminate and reflect?off it which would make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.

For further information on the Glass Kitchen by Snaidero check out there website at www.snaidero.it

Kitchen Accessories by JosephJoseph

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Myself and my good wife we’re in the big smoke of Dublin?last weekend browsing around the shops.? Now let me tell you, when I’m in the home section of any department stores I’m like a kid in a candy store.? Loving anything about the home, and particularly kitchens and bedrooms, I usually make a dash for the kitchen accessories section.? Loving kitchens and loving gadgets, I usually can’t help myself.

While in Arnotts, I was browsing through the kitchen accessories and in particular the JosephJoseph accessories.? I have to say I love them.? They offer trendy contemporary kitchen accessories that will light up any kitchen, and I must say they are pretty cool to use too.

Chop2Pot by JosephJoseph

Chop2Pot by JosephJoseph



Like this chopping board called Chop2Pot.? We bought one of these and it’s really handy.? You simply chop away as normal and when you’ve got it all done, you?just squeeze the handle and watch the sides fold up to form a chute, allowing you to pick it up and tip it into the pot.? You will never let another ingredient spill on the hob again.




Potato Smasher by JosephJoseph

Smasher by JosephJoseph

Another kitchen gadget we bought was this Potato Smasher, again by JosephJoseph.? It’s not like any other potato smasher, oh no, this one smashes in half the time with half the effort thanks to its unique pump action.? It brilliantly cups the potato while you mash meaning that it will not spill out the sides, ensuring perfect consistancy.
Personally, as a gadget lover, I think they are a great companion for your kitchen.? There are lots of other clever products available from JosephJoseph so why not check out there website and see the full range for yourself.

Kitchen Stori Launch Fabulous New Range

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

With kitchen design trends constantly changing and you, the end user, rightly demanding style and quality, it is important for kitchen manufacturers to keep on top of this by bringing new products to the market.

Thats why Kitchen Stori, the Northern Ireland based kitchen brand have recently?launched a fabulous new range of contemporary and classical kitchens giving customers great choice when it comes to picking a kitchen.??The Madison Painted is a classic kitchen design that exudes an elite bespoke feel without breaking the bank, while the Tavola, Ultra and Clonmel offer a more modern design that can have clean cut symmetry or curves, ensuring?they suit?all individual tastes.

The Madison is comes with a choice of 17 paint colours, with so many opportunities to mix and match paint colours it has never been easier to reflect individual style and taste.? Clonmel Oak, a chunky shaker style kitchen, can be accessorised to create both a modern and traditional look and is available in six paints and stains in earthy shades, extracted from Nature?s own colour palette ? ranging from the pale mussel paint to a dark wenge stain.? The Tavola, a slab style kitchen with horizontal grain, is also available in these finishes with the Ultra High Gloss being available in?varios painted and wood grain finishes.

For more information on these new kitchen designs along with other ranges available from Kitchen Stori, you can download their brochure?by going to our download section at www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/downloads.aspx

You can also find a Kitchen Stori dealer in your area in our supplier directory at www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/category-1/Fitted-Kitchens-and-Bedrooms.aspx/page-1/perpage-10/county-no/brand-Kitchen%20Stori

CircoSteam by NEFF

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Appliance manufacturer NEFF have a great way?for you to?cook.? Following on from their Circotherm technology, they also have the?CircoSteam oven?on their list of innovative ovens.? The CircoSteam oven combines steam with conventional hot air to cook your food perfectly while maintaining all the goodness.? You can choose to cook with steam, hot air or a combination of both.? It measures 45cm in height meaning it can be perfectly combined with other 45cm high appliances.

NEFF CircoSteam Oven

NEFF CircoSteam Oven


The benefits are:

Food maintains goodness of vitamins and minerals with no need for oil or fat

Lower temperatures means less energy is used

Maintains flavours, colours, aromas and juices

Food remains moist on the inside

Cooking can be done on multiple levels within the oven

Previously cooked food can be refreshed and heated without drying out



For more information you can download and browse?the NEFF brochures from our download section www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/downloads.aspx?and find stockists in your area by searching the Appliance category in our supplier directory