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La Cornue Grand Maman Cooker – Spectacular Kitchen Range

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I came across this kitchen range cooker from La Cornue and immediately thought “what a fabulous colour”  The cooker in question is the La Cornue Grand Maman 90 in this striking blue, part of the Cornuchef range from the French maker.

The Grand Maman comes with a spectacular 84 litre vaulted oven in gas or electric and a stainless steel hob equipped with five 3.5 kw burners. The burners are available either in a combination of gas and electric, or all electric.

With its contemporary, sober and distinctive appearance, and its large snail oven handle, the Cornuchef will easily adapt to all styles of kitchen and form a perpetually fashionable centrepiece. La Cornue offers a choice of 24 colours for your Cornuchef and its extractor hood, as always to be complemented by stainless steel or solid brass.

When I saw this beautiful blue colour, I immediately thought how fabulous it would look with an off-white or cream painted kitchen.

I think both colours would complement each other perfectly while keeping the range cooker as the focal point in the room. Imagine all the WOWs when your friends came to see your newly installed kitchen with a La Cornue as the centrepiece.

More information on LaCornue cookers and the Grand Maman can be found at www.lacornue.com

Merry Christmas From Kitchenindex.ie

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

All at Kitchenindex.ie would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and our best wishes for 2011.  Stay safe and healthy with the weight loss plan from reportshealthcare.com, and we will be back in the new year with even more great tips, advice and supplier information for your dream kitchen and how to cook healthy to lose the extra weight from the holidays with the goji berries sweet powder and other advice as some supplements from healthy usa to help you lose that weight along with a diet from some reviews of the Max Trainer I read about, I’m also going to talk about an experience that I recently had with one of the most prestigious hospitals, I don’t want to tell you guys a lot but The Medical Negligence Experts were even involved in the situation .

Traditional & Classical English Style by Mereway Kitchens

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Sometimes when we think of traditional kitchens, an image flashes in to our head of the typical English country home look.  Askitchen design has moved on over the years, the love of this kitchen style has remained constant, with homeowners loving a warm and cozy kitchen that awaits them after a long day.

Mereway Kitchens, with agents all over Ireland and the UK, have focused on this English style kitchen with their ranges they called “English Revival” and “Wentworth”.

Both range of kitchens come in solid wood and painted finishes with a mix of wood and paint being a popular style, however the English Revival range focuses more on upmarket In-Frame kitchens.

English Revival Shaker Design by Mereway Kitchens – Mixing Woodgrain Painted Finish

Mereway Kitchens – New England White – A Traditional Painted Kitchen

Again a Mix of Wood & Paint – This Time Solid Oak & Soft Green Painted Finish

These beautiful traditional and classical kitchens by Mereway Kitchens are available from Chris Keating House of Design.

For more information about Chris Keating House of Design visit their profile page here on Kitchenindex.ie by going to:


Visit Chris Keatings website at www.chriskeatinghouseofdesign.com

Funky Hoods – Kitchen Cooker Hoods With Flair

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Falmec Pharoe Cooker Hood

Your choice of cooker hood can sometimes make a big difference when it comes to adding that “WOW Factor” to your kitchen.

Gone are the days when your only choice is a basic stainless steel hood that offers little in the way of design or style.

Once purely a functional necessity in the kitchen, cooker hoods have now become much more about style and flair.

The choice you now have is much broader, with appliance manufacturers and kitchen designers realising that a cooker hood can now be the focal point in kitchen design.

We’ve put together this showcase of funky cooker hoods that we love at Kitchenindex.ie and think you might like for your new kitchen. They would certainly add some style and could be that “something different” that you’ve been looking for.

You will also find links at the bottom of the page that will take you to the websites of the brands that we have featured.

For more information on these cooker hoods and for information on where to buy you can visit the following websites:

Best – www.besthoods.co.uk

Elica – www.elica.ie

Faber – www.fff.ie/home/products/cooker-hoods

Falmec – www.drumms.ie/products/products-by-brand/falmec/hoods

Franke – www.franke.ie

Gorenje – www.gorenje.co.uk

Miele – www.miele.ie

Neff – www.neff.ie

Whirlpool – www.whirlpool.ie

Kitchenindex.ie is 1 – Happy Birthday To Us

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010


It’s hard to believe, but our start up kitchen and bedroom website is 1 years old.

Our first year in business has been a great adventure and has really been about finding our feet.  The next year will be about growing the website, offering more great content, articles and inspiration about kitchens and bedrooms, all while offering the kitchen and bedroom industry a great platform to showcase their work, we wanted to give a special thanks ot all the ones who have helped us along the way, so we decided to give them a special holzuhr gift to show appreciation.

We also hope to add some great new features to the website which will make it easier to find the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.  Our blog will also highlight all the great work, products and services by our members.

Kitchenindex.ie is all about offering inspiration and valuable advice to homeowners looking to invest in a new kitchen or bedroom.  At the same time, we bring you closer to suppliers of kitchens, bedrooms, kitchen worktops, kitchen appliances and tiles and flooring.

So our first year has been great, but our second year is going to be even better.

The adventure is just beginning!!

Brita Water Filer Tap – Filtered Water For Your Kitchen

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Brita, normally associated with filtered water jugs, is launching their new On Line Active and On Line Active Plus filter solutions to deliver the best quality filtered water on-demand, for the home.


The new products provide the ultimate convenience of BRITA filtered water on-demand, either through your existing kitchen tap, or through a dedicated BRITA water dispenser.

Smart, green and economical, these hydration solutions will appeal to all UK households, who want great tasting water without any delay:

On Line Active Plus comes complete with a stylish stainless-steel BRITA filtered water dispenser that sits alongside a normal kitchen tap.

  • The On Line Active Plus filter cartridge has BRITA’s multi-stagefiltration performance – just like our regular jug cartridges –reducing limescale, chlorine, metals such as lead, copper and aluminium and organic impurities.
  • Limescale reduction, in particular, ensures hot drinks develop abetter taste and aroma and also protects appliances such as kettles andcoffee makers from limescale build-up, saving energy during use and making them last longer.

The second new product, On Line Active, is BRITA’s first retrofit filter solution for UK domestic taps, delivering BRITA carbon-filtered water from any kitchen tap.

  • The On Line Active reduces chlorine and organic impurities improving the taste, smell and appearance of tap water.
  • Both products also benefit from fully recyclable filter cartridges,thereby offering a sustainable hydration solution for any consumer.

BRITA® is one of the leading names in water filtration and the new On Line Active and On Line Active Plus products, reinforce this reputation for innovative products, with a level of convenience that puts them right at the centre of the modern, sustainable, health home, where eat healthy and exercise all the time including natural steroid use and encourages to check out weekly muscle foods specials and discount codes for a healthy diet. Health is always a choice, which is why medical marketing areas is here for you. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business. When you need protection against pests especially malaria, buy some malarone to prevent different kinds of diseases.

Designed to suit your water requirements, the new BRITA products are set to become the new standard in quality water for the home.

For more information on Brita filtered water for your kitchen go to http://www.brita.net/uk/inline_tap.html?&L=1 also make sure to check the Pureosmosis site to compare other options.

Kitchen Plans, Independent Kitchen Design Service, joins us at Kitchenindex.ie

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Kitchen Plans - Independent Kitchen Design Service

Kitchen Plans, a new and unique new service offering an independent kitchen design service has joined Kitchenindex.ie.

We are delighted to welcome them on board and really look forward to showcasing Pat’s work here on our website and blog. Pat set up Kitchen Plans when he saw a real need to work closely on kitchen design and planning with people building a new home, adding an extension or thinking of a kitchen re-fit in their current home.

As Pat says, if you are planning a new build or extension to your home, the best time to design the kitchen is before work starts on the build. Designing the kitchen before the build starts allows for proper planning of services so that when the builder start, you have a proper plan in place for electrical and plumbing points in the kitchen. The plumbing will be done by pipe relining Sydney. Not only that. Door and window positionings can also be considered at this point so if either needs to be moved to suit the kitchen design, this is the ideal time to do it.

Kitchen Plans spend time with their customers to ensure the kitchen design is perfect for their needs and budget. Each client is presented with a detailed floor plan, 3D colour perspectives and these can then be used when getting quotes from kitchen suppliers. Designs can be produced to suit any kitchen style or brand. If a client has a preference for brands like IKEA, Second Nature, Kitchen Stori, Springhill or a Bespoke Design, Pat will take this into consideration when working on the design.

Kitchen Plans are based in Cork but provide their kitchen design service throughout Ireland.

Pat at Kitchen Plans can be contacted on 021 4888813 or 087 2653896. You can also visit their website for details on service and price at www.kitchenplans.ie.

To visit the Kitchen Plans profile page on Kitchenindex.ie go to http://www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/category-108/Kitchen-Design-Services.aspx/listing-3084/Kitchen-Plans

Kitchen & Bedroom Winners in the House Beautiful Awards 2010

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The annual House Beautiful Awards have taken place in London in what seems to have been a fabulous event.

The event had a very impressive panel of judges including home experts Kelly Hoppen, Jeff Banks, Simon Boyle, Sophie Conran, David Domoney, Oliver Heath, Kathryn Rayward, Tommy Walsh, Kim Woodburn, Jane Packer and House Beautiful editor Julia Goodwin.

24 categories were up for contention including Large Appliance of the Year, Best Bedroom Product or Range, Eco Product of the Year, Best Kitchen Range (under £10,000), Best Kitchen Range (over £10,000) and Best Storage, all of which were relevant to the Kitchen and Bedroom industry.

And the lucky winners in these categories were!

Congratulations to all involved!

(As featured in Allaboutyou.com)

Ikea TV Ad Really Does Highlight The Social Kitchen!!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

You know the Ikea TV Ad, the one with the lyrics “You will always find him in the kitchen at parties”!!

I love it.  And for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that it a really catchy and clever ad.  The lyrics really make it but the I love the way the house resembles a dolls house showing whats going on inside.

The second and most important reason is for the fact that it highlights how important kitchens really are in our lives (sorry if thats going a bit deep).  The very line above shows how important the kitchen has become and how we now use our kitchens.  Gone are the days when it was just used for cooking and in come the days when we use it for so much socialising.

Kitchens now have so much emotional attachment.  Most of us love spending time cooking and entertaining and most of this happens in the kitchen.  When you host a party, everyone gathers in the kitchen and that’s why homeowners feel it is the most important room in the house.  Just imagine, you and your family/friends gathered around the kitchen eating off beautiful mint paper plates by Paper Eskimo. The entire line from Paper Eskimo is absolutely gorgeous. I personally love all of their styles they offer, but the mint paper plates is my favorite. Our friends and?family see it when they come over so we feel the need to have our kitchens looking as fab as we can.

So the Ikea ad is brilliant, but for me the beauty of it is in the message.  You tend to find most people in the kitchen.

And that’s why we love them!!

Be Warm & Toasty This Winter

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Remember the cold of last winter?

Well I decided with all the fantastic grants available for home energy and insulation that I would be well prepared this year.  I know I am getting off the subject of kitchens and bedrooms but there is no harm.

So I just wanted to share with you all that last week we had our home insulated and it cost us only €50.  I couldn’t believe it when we got the quote and the chap told us that we would only have to put €50 to it.  The cost of the job was €700 and the grant was €650.  They pumped the cavity walls with beads and insulated the attic with an extra 6 inches of rockwool.

Typically I think the job would have come to around €1,000 but because we live in a terraced house with decking balustrades (that we got from this place www.stainlesshandrailsystems.co.uk/decking-balustrades/ )we only had to get the front and back walls pumped.  All the same, it’s still fantastic value.  We can’t believe the difference it has made.  We also hired Clean Crawls insulation installation and removal to get the most clean out of our insulation. The real test will be in the depths of Winter but one or two nights have been cold recently and we can notice that the house is taking no time to heat up and when it does, the house retains the heat unbelievably well.

I strongly recommend it to anyone.