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Distressed Painted Kitchen In Vibrant Colour Mix

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I came across this kitchen on the website of Tierney Kitchens and decided I had to share it you all.

Although it is a kitchen from their showroom and not one they fitted in one of their clients homes, it still shows what can be done with a bit of imagination and flair.  Tierney Kitchens have been clever in the use of paint colours to turn this kitchen into a real eye catcher.
They are also in process of building a new house with multiple kitchens, the roof is almost finished by Roofco.

The kitchen itself is an inframe kitchen with the cabinet doors inset into the frame.  This bespoke style of kitchen gives off a quality hand made feel and lends itself perfectly to the old charm country look.

Distressed Painted Kitchen

Distressed Painted Kitchen

Distressed Painted Kitchen

In order to create a freestanding kitchen, Tierney’s have used chunky square legs on the base cabinets and omitted the plinths or kickboards.  The oak plate rack separating the glass cabinets is also a key focal point in the kitchen design and being slightly stepped back it creates a break in the face of the cabinets and cornice.

To finish off the country look, the kitchen is fitted with solid timber worktops and wooden door knobs.  The timber worktops are a lovely contrast to the paint colours used and compliment the kitchen perfectly.

For more information on this kitchen you can contact Tierney Kitchens in any of the following ways: