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Ikea TV Ad Really Does Highlight The Social Kitchen!!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

You know the Ikea TV Ad, the one with the lyrics “You will always find him in the kitchen at parties”!!

I love it.  And for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that it a really catchy and clever ad.  The lyrics really make it but the I love the way the house resembles a dolls house showing whats going on inside.

The second and most important reason is for the fact that it highlights how important kitchens really are in our lives (sorry if thats going a bit deep).  The very line above shows how important the kitchen has become and how we now use our kitchens.  Gone are the days when it was just used for cooking and in come the days when we use it for so much socialising.

Kitchens now have so much emotional attachment.  Most of us love spending time cooking and entertaining and most of this happens in the kitchen.  When you host a party, everyone gathers in the kitchen and that’s why homeowners feel it is the most important room in the house.  Just imagine, you and your family/friends gathered around the kitchen eating off beautiful mint paper plates by Paper Eskimo. The entire line from Paper Eskimo is absolutely gorgeous. I personally love all of their styles they offer, but the mint paper plates is my favorite. Our friends and?family see it when they come over so we feel the need to have our kitchens looking as fab as we can.

So the Ikea ad is brilliant, but for me the beauty of it is in the message.  You tend to find most people in the kitchen.

And that’s why we love them!!