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Free Giveaway From Nordmende Appliances!!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Nordmende have just announced a fantastic offer to customers to who buy 5 built-in appliances from their fantastic range.

NordMende offers a range of sleek built-in appliances, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen interior, with a range of cooking, laundry, refrigeration and dishwashing products to suit any requirement.

Basically, buy 5 appliances from the Nordmende built-in range and you will receive 4 Breville products absolutely free.  This pack of Breville products include: a slow cooker, a Panini press, a twin motor mixer and a blender from bestblenderusa.

This promotion is running until 31st December 2010. For further details please contact your local retailer on www.nordmende.ie , or KAL at 01 4136444. Terms & Conditions apply. And that’s not all – Nordmende also offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty on all their major domestic appliances

Steam The Turkey This Christmas!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

V-Zug Steam Oven

Steam ovens that combine conventional cooking methods and steam are increasing in popularity with consumers who are interested in the quality of their food.

These consumers buy locally where they can and also choose in-season produce over those transported from far off climates.

Steaming these prized ingredients to produce nutrient rich meals is seen as the most appropriate method of cooking as it retains valuable vitamins and minerals, it is quick, beautifully clean and above all preserves taste and texture as well as those all important nutrients.

V-Zug?s Combair Steam S Features:

  • 56 Litre Capacity ? plenty of room for the ubiquitous 30lb bird!
  • 120 pre-programmed recipes ? including the Cuban Mojo Criollo recipe, of course.
  • Patented SoftRoasting programme ? whatever the shape, weight or composition the Combair Steam will cook automatically to within 1 degree of exact requirements.
  • Steam and bake on all four levels at the same time.
  • Comprehensive steam programmes, real Hot Air and a large grill make Combair Steam S the perfect appliance for cooking turkey.

For more information on V-Zug kitchen appliances visit their website at http://www.vzug.com/global/ie/index.html

Harvey Norman Waterford Offer Extra 10% Discount

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Are you in the market for new Kitchen Appliances??

If you are, then a trip to Harvey Norman in Waterford is a must.

For one week only, Harvey Norman Waterford are offering an extra 10% off all kitchen appliances when you mention KitchenIndex.ie.

They already offer incredible value but with this extra discount they really are offering excellent value.

Whether you are buying a full range of kitchen appliances or any other single item like a dishwasher, washing machine, oven, hob, fridge, freezer etc, this 10% discount will apply. ?Offering an unbeatable selection of appliances and brands names like De Dietrich, Siemens, Neff and Bosch plus much much more, you are guaranteed to find a range to suit you, this offer fell from heaven for us because we really needed a new dishwasher, the only thing was that since we were going on vacation camping with a tent from Survival Cooking, we didn’t have that much money to spend on the dishwasher, thank God we were able to get the discount, thanks to this we were also able to pay a very cheap scooter insurance for our son’s scooter, at the end everything worked out perfectly.

So all you have to do is call in to Harvey Norman in Buttlerstown Retail Park, Waterford and ask for Cathy. ?Or even easier, just print out this web page and bring it with you.

Oh, and another thing! ?Tell them Kitchen Index sent you!!


Unit 5-8
Butlerstown Retail Park
Outer Ring Road

051 319900

Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman Kitchen Appliance Sale

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

If you are in the process of planning for a new kitchen, you also need to start thinking about your kitchen appliances.

One of the first things you’ll be thinking is:

“where can I get the best deal on my kitchen appliances?”

I might be a tad late with this, but this weekend you should head on down to your nearest Harvey Norman store where you will find incredible bargains. ?Two such bargains are a Belling 90cm Cooker available in red, black or stainless steel and a Samsung side-by-side American fridge freezer with an efficient A rating and water dispenser. ?Both are below:

Belling 90cm duel fuel cooker

A fabulous Belling freestanding duel fuel cooker that would compliment any kitchen for just ?999

Samsung American fridge freezer

Modern Samsung side-by-side fridge freezer with water dispenser and A rating for an incredible ?649

This is just a small taster of what is on offer. ?You will find many more bargains in-store. ?So head down to your nearest Harvey Norman and grab yourself a kitchen appliances package for your kitchen. ?You will find a store in:

Blanchardstown, Castlebar, Carrickmines Retail Park, Kinsale Road Cork, Little Island Cork, Drogheda, Dundalk, Limerick, Mullingar, Naas, Rathfarnham, Swords, Tralee and Waterford.

Sale on between?18th and 25th July


Fisher & Paykel Appliances Launch Blog For Food Lovers

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Are you a food lover?? I suppose who isn’t!? I checked out a new blog today that gives delicious recipes for you to try in your kitchen.



Fisher & Paykel, the kitchen appliance company, have launched this blog for food lovers to try out great new recipes.? Fisher & Paykel say,

“This blog is born of the passion of a group of friends here at Fisher & Paykel.? Ardent lovers of food and cooking, we want to inspire our readers, share our recipes and impart knowledge.? Each member of this team brings to the table their own unique perspective on food, influenced by different flavours, shaped and moulded by our varying experiences and backgrounds”


Seeing that I love my food and enjoy cooking, this blog is a winner for me.? Check it out for yourselves at www.ourkitchen.fisherpaykel.com



Kitchenindex.ie Supplier Directory – Everything You Need For A New Kitchen or Fitted Bedroom

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Kitchenindex.ie is Irelands leading online guide and supplier directory for Kitchens and Fitted Bedrooms.

When undertaking a project to replace or fit a new kitchen or fitted bedroom, there are lots of other items that go along with it.

Well at kitchenindex.ie we have lots of tips and advice on kitchen design, latest kitchen styles and kitchen trends to help you along the way and to ensure you get the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.

Along with all that, we have a very comprehensive supplier directory. Finally, a directory where you can find it all. Kitchen and fitted bedroom suppliers, kitchen worktop suppliers, kitchen appliances, tiles and flooring suppliers, tradesmen and interior designers.

To find suppliers in your area, click on the following:

Kitchens – Find Suppliers in our Directory

Wardrobes – Find Suppliers in our Directory

Kitchen Worktops (Granite, Marble, Quartz, Concrete etc)- Find Suppliers in our Directory

Kitchen Appliances – Find Suppliers in our Directory

Tiles and Flooring – Find Suppliers in our Directory

Furniture & Accessories – Find Suppliers in our Directory

Tradesmen – Find Tradesmen in our Directory

Interior Designers – Find Interior Designers in our Directory

Trade In Your Old Appliances

Friday, February 12th, 2010

We all know how important it is to protect our environment and be as eco friendly as possible.

One way of doing this in the home is by ensuring your kitchen appliances are energy efficient.? Many old appliances will not have the same energy rating as new models so maybe it is time to trade the old ones in.

Trade them in?? Yes! Trade them in.

NEFF have just?announced a new scrappage scheme for appliances.? Simply bring back your old appliances and NEFF will give a discount on new appliances bought.? The scheme started on the 1st of February 2010 and further details can be found at:


To find kitchen appliance retailers in your area go to kitchenindex.ie/Kitchen-Appliances

CircoSteam by NEFF

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Appliance manufacturer NEFF have a great way?for you to?cook.? Following on from their Circotherm technology, they also have the?CircoSteam oven?on their list of innovative ovens.? The CircoSteam oven combines steam with conventional hot air to cook your food perfectly while maintaining all the goodness.? You can choose to cook with steam, hot air or a combination of both.? It measures 45cm in height meaning it can be perfectly combined with other 45cm high appliances.

NEFF CircoSteam Oven

NEFF CircoSteam Oven


The benefits are:

Food maintains goodness of vitamins and minerals with no need for oil or fat

Lower temperatures means less energy is used

Maintains flavours, colours, aromas and juices

Food remains moist on the inside

Cooking can be done on multiple levels within the oven

Previously cooked food can be refreshed and heated without drying out



For more information you can download and browse?the NEFF brochures from our download section www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/downloads.aspx?and find stockists in your area by searching the Appliance category in our supplier directory

Single Oven, Eye Level Double Oven & Double Under Oven Explained

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

A question has come in from one of our users asking if we could give an explanation on the difference between a double oven and a built under double oven.

I thought it best while we are on the subject to add single ovens into the answer and give a complete explanation on all three.

There are three main differences in these three oven types and these are size, application in kitchen design and internal capacity.

Single ovens are perhaps the most flexible oven when it comes to application in kitchen design.? The reason being that they measure 600mm wide x 600mm high, meaning they can be designed in both under the?worktop or in a tall oven housing.? By designing?them in under the?worktop you can minimise the amount of space taken up by the cooking zone in the kitchen as the hob will sit above the oven with the extractor above this again.? Typically a single oven has a capacity of 53-58 litres but they can reach as high as 70 litres giving huge cooking capacity.

Double ovens measure 600mm wide x 900mm high and as the name suggests they have two ovens.? The top oven is a grill come oven with the oven being a regular conventional oven with a typical capacity of 33-36 litres.? The main oven will usually be a fan oven with most brands having there own on the fan/cooking technology.? The capacity of this main oven will usually be 53-60 litres depending on the oven and brand.? The only way to incorporate a double oven into?your kitchen design is by housing it in a tall housing or a studio height (two thirds high) unit.? They will not fit in under the worktop as the usual base unit height it 720mm sitting on a 150mm plinth.

Built Under Double Ovens give you the functions of a regular double oven but?with a smaller capacity.? They are built specifically to fit into a standard height kitchen base unit and will typically?measure up to 720mm high so to?fit?perfectly into a base unit.? The main difference to watch out for is that while the top conventional oven will usually have the same capacity, the main oven will be slightly smaller typically with a 49-53 litre capacity.? Not usually a problem until you go to fit the turkey in at Christmas, however a 53 litre oven should be ok for most families.

Hope this helps!!

To find kitchen appliance retailers in your area go to our supplier directory at kitchenindex.ie/Kitchen-Appliances