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Kitchenindex.ie Supplier Directory – Everything You Need For A New Kitchen or Fitted Bedroom

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Kitchenindex.ie is Irelands leading online guide and supplier directory for Kitchens and Fitted Bedrooms.

When undertaking a project to replace or fit a new kitchen or fitted bedroom, there are lots of other items that go along with it.

Well at kitchenindex.ie we have lots of tips and advice on kitchen design, latest kitchen styles and kitchen trends to help you along the way and to ensure you get the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.

Along with all that, we have a very comprehensive supplier directory. Finally, a directory where you can find it all. Kitchen and fitted bedroom suppliers, kitchen worktop suppliers, kitchen appliances, tiles and flooring suppliers, tradesmen and interior designers.

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Recessed Drainer versus V-Grooves

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

I was recently asked a question about what kind of draining boards I would recommend when fitting granite worktops in a kitchen.

Basically, there are two options available. They are, Recessed Drainers or V-Grooved Drainers.

Recessed Drainer


Recessed Drainers are when the granite is carved (or recessed)?down about 4 or 5 mm around the sink and then the v-grooves?which carry excess water into the sink are carved into this. (See Photo)





The other option, V-Grooved Drainer, is simply when the draining grooves are carved into the granite without there being any recess like above. (See Photo)



?So, which do I recommend?? Definitely the recessed drainer!

The recessed drainer will hold any excess water and stop it from running amuck whereas with the standard v-groove drainer you will have water sitting on the worktop.? Just be prepared to pay a few hundred euro extra for the recessed drainer as there is a lot of extra work and time involved for the granite company.? However in my opinion it is definitely worth the extra investment.

To find suppliers of worktops in your area go to kitchenindex.ie/worktops