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Glass Kitchen – New Kitchen from Snaidero

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Glass Kitchen by Snaidero

Ever thought of a glass finished kitchen?? Maybe not!? But now you can.

Snaidero, the Italian kitchen manufacturer, has launched a new bespoke glass door in its Orange kitchen collection.? Available in both white and graphite grey, it can be finished beautifully with a 12mm lacquered tempered glass worktop to give a sleek contemporary look.

Another fact worth noting is that because glass in completely non-toxic and recyclable it will not add any unwanted contaminant to your kitchen making it a fantastic option for an eco-friendly kitchen.

This glass kitchen would also be fantastic for small kitchens or kitchens that lack natural light.? The glass in the doors and worktop?produces a 3D feel which in turn offers great depth, lightness and?transparency.? Just imagine what that would?do for?a small kitchen.? It would open it up and allow any light to illuminate and reflect?off it which would make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.

For further information on the Glass Kitchen by Snaidero check out there website at www.snaidero.it

Achieving your dream kitchen and bedroom!

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

What we want at Kitchen Index is for you to have the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home and having it exactly as you want can add to your quality of life.  Think about it…..you get up in the morning and go to the kitchen to make breakfast.  If you have the kitchen of your dreams you can relax and feel comfortable before tackling the day ahead.  You cook dinner in the evening and have the the convenience of great storage solutions and up-to-date cooking appliances.  It all leads to a more serene and calming kitchen that the whole family will want to gather in.  You never know, they may even want to help with the cooking and cleaning up!! But if your looking for cleaning services for your business then tulsa commercial cleaning is the one we recommend.

As for your bedroom, it is equally important to be able to go to bed at night in a relaxing environment.  Having well planned out wardrobes and storage will make for a tidy and clutter free room and set you on the right path to a good nights sleep.  Make use of all the fittings available like shoe racks, pull down hanging rails and pull out drawers and baskets.  That way you have no excuses when it comes to putting your clothes away as everything is convenient to you.  Choosing relaxing and/or warm colours for paints and wallpapers, comfy carpets or fabulous timber floors and the perfect freestanding furniture and accessories and you’ll create a tranquil room to relax and de-stress in.

Sounds good doesn’t it!!

P.S. Use our directory to find the best suppliers in your area and if why not send us photos of the before and after.  We’d love to share it with the other users of our site.

For Kitchen & Bedroom suppliers go to www.kitchenindex.ie/retail/category-1/Fitted-Kitchens-and-Bedrooms.aspx/page-1/perpage-10/county-no/brand-no