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Kitchen Lighting – Tips on Lighting Your Kitchen

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

We have just put up a great article to help you plan the lighting in your new kitchen.

This great article covers the areas of your kitchen that you need to pay close attention to so that you don’t end up with?shadows and dark areas where you need lots of light.? We also cover some of the lights that are available to you when planning your kitchen lighting.? Here’s a small teaser:

“Kitchen lighting is an extremely important part of kitchen design and planning.? Having a well lit kitchen makes working or socialising in the kitchen much more?pleasurable.? While there is no substitute for natural light flowing in to your kitchen, adding lights will add greatly?to?the overall design. ?No dark corners, no shadows on the worktops!? That’s what you want in your kitchen.? So how do you achieve this?”

To read the full article on kitchen lighting go to Kitchen Lighting – Tips on Lighting Your Kitchen