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Eye-Level Oven Height – Ideal Heights Off Floor

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

We have had a few queries lately from people asking what height an eye-level oven and a countertop convection oven be off the ground, so I decided I should do a quick blog post on the subject.

There isn’t exactly a strict rule when it comes to the height of eye level ovens in a kitchen, but there are some general rules of thumb.  I’m going to break this down in to three possible scenarios.  Double eye level oven, single eye level oven and two appliances stacked at eye level.

Double Eye Level Oven Height

Generally, a double oven should be built in at about 720mm off the floor.  This allows for a 150mm plinth and a 570mm high door under the double oven.  This could also be two pan drawers underneath.  At this height, both the main oven and the top oven are at good height for the average person.

Single Eye Level Oven Height

Again as with the double oven, the single oven can be 720mm off the floor.  However you have more scope with the height of a single oven.  For instance, you can build it in at 870mm off the floor to keep the oven at an ideal height.  This is my personal recommendation.  In the picture to the right, you can see single ovens built in at this height.

Two Appliances Stacked at Eye Level

If you have chosen a single oven and microwave/combi microwave oven for your kitchen, then you generally use the same height as with the double oven.  To keep the top oven, in this instance the microwave/combi microwave oven, at a safe and convenient height, 720mm off the floor is a good height for the single oven underneath it.

Remember this is only a guide.  Your kitchen supplier may have slight variations of these measurements.  However it is a good guide to work from and will ensure your eye level ovens are at the ideal height.