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Bathroom - Kitchen Designer Studio
Bathroom - Kitchen Designer Studio
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U-Shape with Breakfast Bar - Kitchen Designer Studio Oak Bedroom - Kitchen Designer Studio Plan View - Kitchen Designer Studio

Why do I need a Kitchen Designer?
It's easy to select cabinet styles and colours for your kitchen, however, figuring out exactly how to lay out your new kitchen for its utmost function and ease of use is difficult. Many people cannot visualize any other way to organize the appliances and cabinets, especially if you have lived in your house for a while.
With a fresh eye and experience, a kitchen designer will come up with options that you would never have thought of. Once the idea for the layout is figured out, creating the actual kitchen design using specific sizes of cabinets and clever storage solutions takes a trained professional.
A professional kitchen design package will be produced for you. Working closely with you at all times, from initial design through to the final presentation.
We work for you, not the kitchen supplier without any pressure to buy. We do not design with any specific kitchen supplier in mind. We design for any budget. We can provide you with a plan to study at your leisure and will make alterations to the plan, based on your feedback. You can take the plan to any suppliers for quotes. You would be now in a position to shop around for the best price you can get, knowing exactly what it is you are looking for.
We start with a home visit for measurements and notes. Together we'll design your dream kitchen that is stylish, beautiful, efficient, practical, and a pleasure to work in. Between the initial draft and the final plan we’ll make any changes you want before printing out the final plans. You’ll get a floor plan, perspective view, top view, 3D picture, and detailed product list of cabinets, panels, decorative trim, worktop, sink, tap, and appliances. We also provide fitted bedrooms and bathroom designs.
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