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Kitchen Design - The 7 Steps of Kitchen Design

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The design and layout of your kitchen will determine how user friendly and asthetically pleasing your kitchen is.  This is the most important time of the project and it's important you get it right.  The more time and effort you spend on getting the kitchen design and layout right, the better. 

Will I have enough food prep space?
Where will I position my appliances?
Would I prefer a freestanding range cooker or an eye-level oven and hob?
Will my oils and spices be close to the cooking area?
Where can I leave down pots after taking them off the hob or out of the oven?
Do I want a seating or dining area in the kitchen?
Will there be enough room for two or more people to work comfortably in the kitchen?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when planning your kitchen.  To guide you along, we have set up "The KitchenIndex.ie 7 Steps of Kitchen Design".  This will help you get your kitchen design and layout just right!

1. Common Kitchen Layouts

While your existing room layout might determine the layout or shape of your kitchen, you may find that you are able to play around with the layout at the design stage.  A good kitchen designer will be able to advise you on this and will be able to explain the pros and cons of various layouts for your kitchen.  Of course if you are building a new home or adding a kitchen extension, you will have more flexibility at the kitchen design stage and the larger the space to work with the more options you will have.  The most common kitchen design layouts are One Wall Kitchens, Galley Kitchens, L-Shaped Kitchens, U-Shaped Kitchens and G-Shaped Kitchens.  Read More........

2. Kitchen Design - The Work Triangle

The work triangle, defined as an imaginary line drawn from the centre of the cooker or hob, to the centre of the sink, to the centre of the fridge and back to the centre of the sink, has been an important factor in kitchen design in order to keep the main zones of the kitchen in close proximity.  The main goal of the work triangle is to make the kitchen as efficient as possible to work in.  It is important not to have any obstacle in the way of this triangle so that movement around the kitchen is as easy as possible.  Read More........

3. Kitchen Design - Designing by Zones

The idea of designing a kitchen by zones is a slightly broader take on the work triangle.  This is not to say it replaces the work triangle, but it should be seen as an expansion of it.  While the work triangle focusses on the sink, cooking and fridge area, zone designing expands on this to include such things as the eating and prep areas or zones.  I guess you could say that kitchen design by zones is a modern take and expansion of the work triangle and when planning your kitchen, both should be taken into consideration.  Read More........

4. Kitchen Design - What does a kitchen mean to you?

This might seem like a silly question, but when designing and planning your new kitchen, it is an important one.  A good designer should always have this at the back of there mind so that they can match the needs of their customer with their perfect kitchen.  Traditionally, a kitchen was a place for preparing meals, washing dishes and storing food.  In todays modern homes, the kitchen can be a hive of activity and the focal point of the home.  There are a few key question you need to ask yourself when deciding what your kitchen means to you!  Read More........

5. Kitchen Design - What's Your Style?

What kind of kitchen style do you like?  Would you choose a modern or contemporary kitchen?  Or how about a traditional kitchen?  Have you heard of the transitional kitchen?  The kitchen style you go for can be determined by the overall style of your home.  So if you like a cosy country feel then maybe a more tradtional kitchen design would suit you.  Or if you prefer a modern minimalistic home then a contemporary or modern kitchen would be the best choice.  But what if you like to mix old with new?  Would a transitional kitchen be your best option?  To find out what your preferred style is, Read More........

6. Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

Have you thought about what kitchen appliances you want in your new kitchen?  When you visit a kitchen showroom to have your new kitchen designed and priced, the designer will want to know this.  Why? Because the type of kitchen appliances you choose will have an effect on the kitchen design and layout.  Would you prefer a range cooker or an eye-level one?  What about your fridge freezer?  Would you prefer  an American Style Fridge Freezer, Integrated Fridge Freezer or a Side by Side Fridge Freezer?  What about extraction above your cooker?  There are lots of decision to be made on your kitchen appliances so we have broken them down for you.  Read More........

7. Kitchen Materials/Finishes

So you have the kitchen design and layout right.  Now it's time to choose the finish of your kitchen.  This means that you will choose whether your kitchen will be a Painted Kitchen or Solid Wood Kitchen.  Or maybe you might like a High Gloss Kitchen.  There are lots of choices and you may have already decided what style of kitchen you like from the "What's Your Style" stage so this will have an impact on the finish you go for.  There are other consideration that will affect your decision here like the size and amount of natural light in the room.  And then there's your kitchen worktops.  What worktops will suit your needs, tastes and budget?  Please Read More........


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