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Kitchen Design - Step 7 - Kitchen Materials/ Finishes

So you have the kitchen design and layout right.  Now it's time to choose the finish of your kitchen.  This means that you will choose whether your kitchen will be a Painted Kitchen or Solid Wood Kitchen.  Or maybe you might like a High Gloss Kitchen.  There are lots of choices and you may have already decided what style of kitchen you like from the "What's Your Style" stage so this will have an impact on the finish you go for.  There are other consideration that will affect your decision here like the size and amount of natural light in the room.  And then there's your kitchen worktops.  What worktops will suit your needs, tastes and budget?  So lets take a look at your options when it comes to your kitchen design and worktops.

Oak Kitchen by Underwood Solid Wood & Painted Kitchen by Mark Wilkinson Painted Kitchen by Chalon High Gloss Kitchen by Kitchen Stori Vinyl Kitchen

Solid Wood Kitchen

Solid Wood & Painted

Painted Kitchen

High Gloss Kitchen 

Vinyl Kitchen

You will see from the images above some of the options available to you when choosing the materials and finishes for your kitchen.  Most people love the natural beauty of a solid wood kitchen. Whether it be an Oak kitchen, Walnut kitchen, Elm kitchen, Maple kitchen, Beech kitchen or a Cherry kitchen, it is sometimes hard to beat having a kitchen which is rich in natural wood grain.

However, some people think that having the complete kitchen in solid wood is a bit too bland.  You may love solid wood kitchens but would prefer if it was broken up by another colour.  This is when mixing both solid wood and paint is a wonderful compromise.  What you want to do is decide whether you would prefer mostly solid wood or mostly painted.  You could have the main part of your kitchen in solid wood and a painted island unit.  Or you could simply have one section of the kitchen in solid wood and the other in a painted finish.  The possibilities are endless and your kitchen designer will guide you based on the layout of your kitchen.

A fully painted kitchen on the other hand is a beautiful option if you prefer something different to solid wood.  Maybe you have had a solid wood kitchen before and it's time for a change.  Having a painted kitchen can add so much character  and warmth to your kitchen and it also gives you the opportunity to play around with colours.  In the image above titled Painted Kitchen, you will see a mix of both cream and bright purple which gives off a lovely homely feel.  You can obviously opt for just one colour in your kitchen with creams being a popular choice but if you are feeling adventurous then talk to your kitchen designer or interior designer about matching colours.

If your home is of a more contemporary or modern nature, then you might decide that a high gloss kitchen is more to your taste.  The image above shows a mix of black and wood veneer and again with these kitchens you can play around with colours and textures.  These modern slab style kitchens (flat door) can also come in a matt finish if you prefer not to have high gloss.  Depending on budget,  slab style kitchens are available in a painted finish or a pvc or vinyl finish with the latter being suitable for lower budgets.  Vinyl kitchens are available in both modern and classic styles with both wood grain effects and painted effects being available to choose from.

Budget might also be on your mind when it comes to your worktops.  Obviously granite worktops, quartz worktops and solid surfaces like LG Hi-Macs or Corian are more expensive than laminate worktops but they will be of lesser quality.  While at one point in Ireland granite and quartz worktops were considered very expensive, this is not necessarily the case now.  Depending on the size of your kitchen, granite, quartz and even solid surfaces can be very affordable and will give your kitchen a more expensive look while giving you a fantastic and durable work surface.  Again, certain worktops can be mixed in your kitchen if you want colours and textures broken up.  In the image above of the painted kitchen, you will see that both granite and timber worktops are used.  This is a great look if your kitchen is a classic or country/traditional design.  To explore your kitchen worktop options further go to

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