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Kitchen Design - Step 5: What's Your Style?

What kind of kitchen style do you like?  Would you choose a modern or contemporary kitchen?  Or how about a traditional kitchen?  Have you heard of the transitional kitchen?  The kitchen style you go for can be determined by the overall style of your home.  So if you like a cosy country feel then maybe a more tradtional kitchen design would suit you.  Or if you prefer a modern minimalistic home then a contemporary or modern kitchen would be the best choice.  But what if you like to mix old with new?  Would a transitional kitchen be your best option?

Contemporary Kitchen Modern Kitchen Classic Kitchen Bespoke Kitchen Transitional Kitchen
Contemporary Kitchen Modern Kitchen Classic Kitchen Bespoke Kitchen Transitional Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design is very popular in Ireland today with more and more people opting for a clean cut look when decorating their home.  Flat panel doors, sometimes handleless, with stainless steel kitchen appliances, a stylish extractor and granite or quartz worktops will give your kitchen a sleek, minimalist feel that will enhance any home.

With a Modern Kitchen, you can still have the sleek, clean cut feel but with a toned down accent.  This kitchen design will suit people who want a modern look but maybe with a bit of warmth or character to it.  More subtle tones are common in modern kitchens but you can still have your stylish extractor and stainless steel appliances to compliment it.

A Classic Kitchen is somewhat of a more traditional kitchen but with todays up-to-date kitchen designs the name classic kitchen is more appropriate.  The image above titled Classic Kitchen is a great example of this.  While it is not as fussy in detail as a typical traditional kitchen, it does have the character you would expect from one.  Modern extractors are usually replaced by timber canopies or overmantles and you will see feature cabinets like glass cabinets, plate racks and open book cases in a lot of examples.

If you are someone who prefers a tailor made kitchen with special one-off features then you may have to look at a Bespoke Kitchen.  Typically a bespoke kitchen will be crafted by a kitchen specialist and can offer their clients pretty much whatever they desire.  While bespoke kitchens will tend to be more expensive, they are a better option if you have something that bit different in mind and when designed and manufactured in the right way, they will add a great deal of style and value to your home for years to come.

A Transitional Kitchen is a term of kitchen design that many may not be familiar with.  It can be defined quite simply as mixing old with new.  As you will see from the example above, you will find a transitional kitchen will have many similarities to a classic or bespoke kitchen but with a twist.  While the kitchen cabinets may be similar, with painted cabinets quite popular, you will often find chunky stainless steel appliances like a range style cooker, american style fridge freezer and a meaty stainless steel extractor will be used to add a contemporary twist to the kitchen.  The overall look of a transitional kitchen can be quite spectacular and will add the WOW factor that so many people desire.
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