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Kitchen Design - Step 4: What Does A Kitchen Mean To You?

This might seem like a silly question, but when designing and planning your new kitchen, it is an important one.  A good designer should always have this at the back of there mind so that they can match the needs of their customer with their perfect kitchen.  Traditionally, a kitchen was a place for preparing meals, washing dishes and storing food.  In todays modern homes, the kitchen can be a hive of activity and the focal point of the home.  There are a few key question you need to ask yourself when deciding what your kitchen means to you!

Do you want your kitchen to be purely functional?
Do you want your kitchen to be functional but aesthitically pleasing?
Do you like to cook and bake a lot?
Do you want your kitchen to be the hub of the home where family will gather?
Do you want your kitchen to be a place to socialise with friends?

Functional Kitchen Functional With Style Kitchens For Cooks Kitchen For The Family Kitchen For Socialising
Functional? Functional With Style? Kitchen For Cooks? Kitchen For The Family? Kitchen For Socialising?

If you are looking for a purely functional kitchen, then you are probably not looking for anything with too many frills.  Some people just want their kitchen to do what it says on the tin and that is for it to be a place to cook meals.  Once breakfast, lunch or dinner is over, some of you may just want to close the door of the kitchen and forget about it until the next meal time or when you fancy making a cuppa.

On the other hand, you may want the kitchen to be functional but also very pleasing on the eye.  For many, the kitchen is somewhere where a lot of time is spent and by having it look great, your time spent in it will be much more pleasent.  By adding kitchen cabinets like glass units, open display cabinets, a wine rack or cooler, a decorative overmantle or funky chimney hood over the oven or hob, you can make the kitchen much more interesting and develop the WOW factor that so many of us want.  Your kitchen designer will work on these things with you during the kitchen design stage and will advise you on adding these features and getting the balance right between functionality and aesthetics.

Maybe your someone who likes to cook and bake?  If you are then there are a few things to keep in mind.  The first is to get your appliances right.  You might need a larger range style cooker or a double oven if you cook for a larger family or want to cook and bake multiple things at once.  The second thing is to have enough food preperation space.  A good preperation area will make life in the kitchen a lot easier and stress free.  If you have room for an island unit it might be a good idea to have your food preperation area on it.

Most people nowadays see the kitchen as the hub of the home.  If you do, the getting your kitchen design right is important.  It's great to have a kitchen where the whole family can gather to eat or grab a coffee and chat.  If you can fit an island unit or peninsular unit with breakfast bar into your kitchen then I highly recommend it.  You will notice that if you do, anyone who comes into the kitchen will be immediately drawn to it.  It's quite amazing when you notice it.

Likewise, if you enjoy having friends over for food or drinks, then it will usually be the kitchen where everyone gathers.  Again, having an island unit, peninsular bar or table and chairs in the kitchen is great when a group gathers.  With dinner parties being so popular nowadays, your kitchen can be the main focal point.

So you need to ask yourself.  What does a kitchen mean to me?  Answering this will help you and your kitchen designer greatly when designing your kitchen and will define the type of kitchen design you choose.
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