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Kitchen Design - Step 2: The Work Triangle

Work Triangle

The work triangle, defined as an imaginary line drawn from the centre of the cooker or hob, to the centre of the sink, to the centre of the fridge and back to the centre of the sink, has been an important factor in kitchen design in order to keep the main zones of the kitchen in close proximity.  The main goal of the work triangle is to make the kitchen as efficient as possible to work in.  It is important not to have any obstacle in the way of this triangle so that movement around the kitchen is as easy as possible.

There are a couple of basic rules of the work triangle to keep in mind during the kitchen design process.  These are:

1. No one side of the work triangle should be more than 9 feet or less than 4 feet

2. The total combined length of the 3 sides of the triangle should be no longer than 26 feet and no less than 12 feet.

There should be no obstacles in the way of the way of the work triangle.  This means no tables and chairs, island units or major traffic.
Now these 3 rules are general guidelines but don't get too hung up on them.  With todays houses getting bigger in size we are seeing larger kitchens and therefore larger work triangles.

I do however believe that it is important not to have too much household traffic flowing through it as this is the space you need in order to work in the kitchen as effortlessly as possible.  The rule of having no obstacles is equally as important.  Just imagine how annoying it would be to have a table or island unit in your way every time you want to walk from the sink to the hob!  Keeping this space clear will make your kitchen much more enjoyable to be in and will dramatically reduce any stress in the kitchen.
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