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Bedrooms - What's Your Style?

Your bedroom! It’s where you retire to every night to unwind from the day and get enough rest so you can take on the world tomorrow.  So shouldn’t it be the bedroom of your dreams?  Shouldn’t it be exactly as you want it?

So how do you want it?  Do you prefer a cosy traditional bedroom or do you like the clean simplicity of a modern or contemporary bedroom?  Or maybe you like the cosy yet classic look with neutral colours and maybe some colourful bedroom accessories.  Let’s explore!

The bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing room in your home.  If your bedroom is untidy, cluttered or in bad need of redecorating, you may find that it affects your mood and even your sleep patterns, while having your bedroom just the way you want it can calm you and aid restful sleep.  So how would you like it?

Traditional Bedroom   Modern Bedroom

One good place to start is by choosing the initial style that you like.  A traditional bedroom style could have furniture and accessories in deep colours to add warmth and a homey feel to the room.  The picture above left shows a bedroom with a dark stained oak bed and matching chest of drawers and lockers.  The bedstead and bedroom furniture are traditional in style thanks to tongue and groove panels, ornate handles and a freestanding look and this gives off a lovely cosy feel.

The picture above right shows a modern bedroom style with the use of high gloss beige wardrobes and matching bedroom furniture.  This bedroom is modern in design with it's flat panel wardrobe doors yet it has a cosy feel thanks to the colour scheme.

Bedroom   Contemporary Bedroom

A Classic style bedroom sits in between a modern and a traditional bedroom.  The picture above left is a good example of this.  The bedstead has a dark frame but is complimented by cream padded leather to give off a luxurious feel.  Classic style bedrooms usually have this luxurious feel and can be complimented by crisp bright bed linens and accessories.  If you prefer to add a splash of colour then why not do so with some colourful cushions or a funky bed throw.

If you have a contemporary home on the other hand you may want to keep this theme running right through the house and into the bedroom.  Some people feel that a contemporary bedroom with contemporary bedroom furniture will be cold looking but this doesn't have to be the case.  The most important thing is to get the colour scheme right so that you add warm tones to the room.  Dark wood furniture, as pictured above right, add a warmth to the bedroom yet the low level futon style bed and low level bedroom furniture give it a contemporary look.  If you have a small bedroom, a contemporary look like the one above can help open up the room and give off a more spacious feel, helping to de-clutter the look of the bedroom and lend to a calmer atmosphere.

Remember, it is important to plan out the room before you start decorating and buying furniture so that you have a definite style in mind that is consistent throughout.

To help you along the way, you can find suppliers in your area for fitted wardrobes, bedroom furniture, carpets and flooring and everything else you need in our supplier directory to the left.
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