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Wardrobes - Sliding Wardrobes or Standard Fitted Wardrobes

Are you thinking about doing up your bedroom?  If so, the chances are you are considering a new set of fitted wardrobes.  Maybe you need more storage space or a better organised wardrobe.  One question you will be asking yourself is - Will I get sliding wardrobes or standard fitted wardrobes?  Here's a guide to help you decide.

Sliding Wardrobe   Wardrobe
Sliding Wardrobe   Standard Door Opening Wardrobe

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding between the two:
  • What size is your bedroom?
  • What style of bedroom do you like?  Modern or traditional?
The size of your bedroom is going to have an impact on your decision when deciding between sliding wardrobes and standard door opening wardrobes.  If you feel that the floor space in front of the wardrobe area is a little tight, then sliding wardrobes might be the best option.  Sliding wardrobes will not impact on the floor space when you slide open the doors, leaving this space clear for you to move around in.  Doors opening into a small space will leave it hard to move around freely and this can be rather annoying.

The other point to note is the style of bedroom that you like.  Sliding wardrobes are typically more modern in appearance than standard wardrobes.  A big plus for standard wardrobes is that there is far more choice when it comes to door designs making it easier to match in with your desired look.  Wardrobe doors are available in a wide range of door styles and colour meaning you can easily create any look from traditional or classic to modern or contemporary.

Sliding Wardrobes Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
- Great option for smaller bedrooms
- Larger door opening for more visibility
- Fresh modern look
- Easily custom built for dormers & high ceilings
- Can be more expensive than hinged robes
- Less choice with door design
- Cheap doors can become faulty over time

Standard Door Opening Wardrobes Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
- Huge selection of door designs
- Can be more cost effective
- The look can be broken up with drawers
- Have impact on floor space when open
- Restriction on door sizes unless custom built
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