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Behind Closed Doors - Your Wardrobe Interior

So maybe you've decided on the bedroom style you like, and even the wardrobe doors.  But the most crucial part of wardrobe design is planning the wardrobe interior.  The more organised and well planned out your wardrobe is, the easier it will be to keep your bedroom tidy and your clothes stored away.
The best way to approach the planning of your wardrobe interior is to make a list of what your storage needs are.  For most people, the obvious need is storage dresses, suits, shirts, shoes, jumpers, socks and underwear etc.  What you need to do is decide how much space you need to dedicate to each of these.

A great way of doing this is to initially measure how much space you have for wardrobes and then work out what percentage of this space you need for certain items.  Lets say you have four metres of space to work with and lets say that 50 per cent of your clothes are trouser, jeans, shirts etc.  In other words, short hanging clothes.  20 per cent might then be needed for  long hanging items like suits and coats.  20 per cent might be also be needed for jumpers and items you fold so allow for drawers or shelving for these.  The remaining 10 per cent can be allowed for shoes and miscellaneous items.

This is just a guide but you can see that it is a useful guide for planning your wardrobe.
  Wardrobe Interior
Shoe Rack

Lets look at some of the storage solutions for your wardrobe and when and where you might use them!

Short Hanging Wardrobe Rails Short Hanging Rails

Great for short items like trousers, jeans, skirts and shirts.  Most people find they need more short hanging rails than anything else in their wardrobe.  Always make sure you have plenty of space for these everyday items.
Wardrobe Long Hanging Rail Long Hanging Rails

Used for long hanging clothes like long coats, dresses, suits etc.  You might find that you need considerably less long hanging space than short hanging space but it varies depending on your needs.
Pull Out Shoe Rack Shoe Rack / Shoe Storage

Any girl out there will know the importance of having plenty of storage for shoes.  While these pull out shoe racks might not hold all your shoes, they are great for everyday shoes.  Bigger shoe racks can be custom built.
Wardrobe Shelving Wardrobe Shelving

Shelving in a wardrobe can be handy for some people if they prefer to fold some items of clothing.  Depending on your needs, you might find that you don't need to much space dedicated to shelves though.
Pull Down Hanging Rail For Wardrobe Pull Down Hanging Rail

Pull down hanging rails are a great option for a wardrobe where the ceilings are high and you want to make full use of it.  Also great if you want to keep the hanging rail up high so you can fit a shoe rack in the bottom of the wardrobe.
Wardrobe Wire Baskets and Wardrobe Drawers
Drawers & Wire Baskets

Drawers are great for things like socks and underwear and even for items like t-shirts and jumpers.  Wire baskets can be better for clothing though in our opinion as they allow air to circulate so clothes won't get musty.
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