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Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

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Choosing the right kitchen floor tiles can have a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen.  Thankfully there is plenty of choice out there when it comes to the type of tiles, colour and size.

Firstly, kitchen floors come in various materials.  You can choose between ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles.  Whatever you choose, try to get non-slip floor tiles so you can avoid unnecessary accidents.

When you are deciding on the colour of your kitchen floor tiles you will have to obviously consider the colour of your kitchen units.  If you have a dark coloured kitchen in a walnut finish say, then you should choose a light colour tile to compliment it.  Likewise if you have a light coloured kitchen you could choose to contrast it with a warmer kitchen floor tile.  It is more important to choose a light coloured floor tile for a dark coloured kitchen than it is to choose a darker tile for a light coloured kitchen.  What I mean is that you can create a stunning effect with a painted kitchen or a high gloss cream kitchen by putting a glossy ceramic tile with it.  But adding a dark coloured floor tile to a dark coloured kitchen will leave the kitchen looking drab and dark.

Another thing to consider is the natural light that exists in the kitchen.  A glossy bright coloured floor tile will let light reflect off it and give off more spacious feel if your kitchen is on the small side.

Kitchen floor tiles also come in various designs and sizes.  The design and pattern may be of personal choice but one rule of thumb when it comes to design, pattern and size is this.  If your kitchen is small, choose smaller tiles, say 300mm x 300mm, and a simple design or pattern.  If you have a large kitchen then you can choose a larger tile, say 600mm x 600mm, and you do not have to be as concerned about the design and pattern.

To find retailers of kitchen tiles in your area, take a look in the kitchen tiles and flooring section of our directory.
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