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Kitchen Door Style Guide - Choosing a Door Style

Choosing a kitchen door style can often be a confusing task for anyone investing in a new kitchen for their home.  One of the reasons for this is that most people are not be familiar with the options they have, what a particular door style is called or what door style matches the kitchen style they have chosen.  For that very reason, we have put together this Kitchen Door Style Guide.

Firstly, the kitchen door style you choose will be dependent on the style of kitchen you choose.  If your new kitchen is going to be a modern or contemporary design, then a slab or flat panel door may suit, or even a shaker style door.  On the other hand, if your preferred kitchen is classical or traditional in style, then a raised panel door or a door with a decorative inside profile may suit better.  Let's take a look at these door styles:

Shaker Style Kitchen Door   Shaker Style Kitchen Door

A shaker style kitchen door is quite simply a door with a flat centre panel and a plain frame around it.

We call the vertical part of the frame "door stiles" and the horizontal part of the frame "door rails".

Shaker doors are quite simple in design so they suit modern kitchen styles but can also be used in a classical style.

Raised Panel Kitchen Door   Raised Panel Kitchen Door

A raised panel kitchen door is a door with much more detail.

As the name suggests, the centre panel of the door is raised up and can have varying detail to it.  The inside and outside profile of the door rails and stiles may also have detail to it.

Raised panel doors are typically used in more traditional kitchens.

Decorative Inside Profile   Decorative Inside Profile

This door popular in traditional style kitchens.

Typically it is designed with a plain frame, i.e. plain door rails and stiles, and finished with a detailed and decorative feature around the centre panel.  A door with a decorative inside profile like this has just enough detail without being overly fussy.

This particular door style makes for a beautiful traditional kitchen.

Cathedral Style Kitchen Door   Cathedral Style Arch Door

Another traditional style door, the cathedral arch style has an arched top rail and centre panel.

The centre panel of this door is typically raised but does not have to be.

Slab Style Kitchen Door   Slab Style Kitchen Door

A slab style door is a kitchen door that is completely flat with no detail whatsoever.

This style door is used in modern or contemporary kitchen design and can be produced in a wood veneer, painted finish or vinyl.

A slab door in a high gloss finish proves very popular for a homeowner seeking a modern kitchen.

So there you have some details on the most popular kitchen door styles.  The style you choose will have an impact on the overall style of the kitchen and the finished look you achieve.  There are always variations of these door styles and some of these may be slight, but in the main these are the most popular styles.

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