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Kitchen Lighting - Tips On Lighting Your Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting - Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Kitchen lighting is an extremely important part of kitchen design and planning.  Having a well lit kitchen makes working or socialising in the kitchen much more pleasurable.  While there is no substitute for natural light flowing in to your kitchen, adding lights will add greatly to the overall design.  No dark corners, no shadows on the worktops!  That's what you want in your kitchen.  So how do you achieve this?

If you are having a new kitchen fitted, then it is best to design the kitchen lights when designing the kitchen.  By doing this you will know the lighting has been properly planned and you can also pass on details to your electrician as to where electrical points need to be positioned.

Areas to pay close attention to when planning your kitchen lighting:

  • Under wall units is a particularly important area to add lighting.  These lights will shine down on your worktop area so that your work space is well lit.  Light fixtures that can be used under wall units can be LED spot lights, flourescent strip lights and low voltage decorative or spot lights.
  • Above island units and peninsular areas where you might not have wall units above.  Typically island units and peninsular areas are used for food preperation or sitting at, or they could house your sink or hob, so it is important to have either recessed spot lights or a main room light suspended over it.  (See main photo above for example)
  • Display Cabinets should be lit with spot lights to create ambient lighting in the kitchen.  Lighting display cabinets such as glass cabinets and open units with soft glow lights will create a warm feel while also showing off any ornaments or glasswear that you might have.  In a contemporary or modern kitchen, lighting glass cabinets will add to the feeling of light and space which you want to achieve with these kitchen designs.
Other options when it comes to kitchen lighting are plinth lights and drawer/cabinet lights.  Adding LED lights to your plinth or kickboards can really help to light the floor space in a kitchen.  Plinth lights are inserted into the face of the plinth and shine outwards onto the floor and can be particularly effective in a small kitchen.

Drawer and inside cabinet lights could also be used to light up the inside of drawers and cabinets when you open them.  If you sometimes feel that drawers and kitchen cabinets can be dark inside then this could be an option for you.

Below you will find photographs of a selection of kitchen lights that you can choose for your kitchen.

Triangular Kitchen Lighting   LED Kitchen Lighting   Kitchen Drawer Light   Plinth Lights - Kitchen Lighting
Modern triangular under cabinet light can be used to light up the worksurface of your kitchen and avoid dark areas.   LED spot lights are not only extremely energy effecient in the kitchen but they also create great light with a modern twist.   Internal Drawer lights will light up the inside of drawers while at the same time adding a contemporary feel to a kitchen.   Plinth lights help to light up the floor space in a kitchen and should be consider  for small kitchens to create a feeling of space.
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