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Buyers Guide to Glass Worktops

Glass Worktops  

Glass worktops can add a wonderful effect to any kitchen.  Just look at the photo to the left.  Fabulous isn't it?  It may only be a recent trend in Ireland, but more and more people are opting for glass worktops to give a unique and contemporary feel to their kitchen.  Coloured glass also make for a fantastic kitchen splashback.

But how do glass worktops stack up against other kitchen worktops like granite, quartz or solid surface. 

Let's take a closer look at glass as a worktop and delve in to its benefits.

Firstly, glass worktops are made of toughened glass that will stand the test of time and stand up against day-to-day use.  All glass worktops are heat and water resistant but not necessarily scratch proof so make sure to use a chopping board when preparing food.  In the main, they are very hardwearing and original.

One thing we do emphasise to anyone buying glass worktops is to make sure you are buying good quality.  In the past, we have heard of horror stories where the glass may not have been toughened and therefore led to cracks.  Another is that the colour had faded due to poor quality and manufacturing.  So when speaking to a glass worktop supplier, ask them about the quality of glass and their toughening process as well as their colouring process.

While on the subject of colour, remember that glass worktops are available in pretty most any colour you can think of.  Because of this, you can really let your imagination and creative juices flow.  Adding a splash of colour to your kitchen worktops and splashbacks will help to create an original and bespoke look in your kitchen and give off an vibrant feel.

Cleaning glass worktops is straight forward.  Using a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent, your glass worktops will always shine like new.  Once you wipe down your worktops, it is always a good idea to dry them with a clean dry cloth to avoid water marks and streaks.

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