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Buyers Guide to Granite Worktops

Granite Worktops  

Granite Worktops have been the choice of many people who have updated their kitchen in recent years.  So what makes granite such a popular choice for kitchen worktops?

One of the reasons is that granite worktops look stunning and stylish in kitchens.  They exude class with there clean cut look and smooth lines and they are very easy to keep clean thanks to its glossy polished finish and non-porous surface.

So what is granite?  Granite is a very hard igneous rock found naturally in the earths crust.  It's natural strength make it ideal for use in building and around the home.  Because it's a natural material, there are often variations in colour.  Keep this in mind when picking your granite worktops from the supplier.  A sample you see may not match the finished product you see in your kitchen so my advice is to go and pick out your granite slab with the supplier to ensure you are happy with the colour and pattern.  A typical slab is available up to approximately 2.4m in length so joints in your worktop are hard to avoid.  As for thickness, you would typically see 30mm or 40mm in kitchens, but it is available in 20mm for a slimmer minimilist look or can be faced off at the front to form a thicker look up to 80mm to 100mm in thickness.  Don't forget that you can also get granite upstands which will stand up against the wall at the back of your granite worktop.

Depending on your choice of kitchen, there a many different colours of granite for you to choose from.  Be careful with the colour you choose and remember that darker granite worktops are harder to keep streak free and this will be seen when light shines on it.  Here is a small selection of colours that are available but make sure to visit a kitchen or worktop suppliers showroom to see the full selection:

Granite Worktops - Absolute Black   Granite Worktops - Cashmere Gold   Granite Worktops - Balmoral Red   Granite Worktops - Angola Black
Absolute Black   Cashmire Gold   Balmoral Red   Angola Black
Granite Worktops- Kashmir White   Granite Worktop - Black Star Galaxy   Granite Worktops - Venezian Gold   Granite Worktops - Tan Brown
Kashmir White   Black Star Galaxy   Venezian Gold   Tan Brown

Caring For Granite Worktops
  • Granite is relatively easy to keep clean.  If washing down granite, simply use warm soapy water and buffed with a soft clean cloth.
  • For longer protection, treat at regular intervals (3-4 months) with a granite sealer.
  • Never use an abrasive detergent to clean granite worktops.  Wire wool can be used on the draining flutes but nowhere else.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.  Coloured and acidic products can leave stains if not wiped away immediately.  Stubborn stains can be removed from granite worktops using various treatments.
  • Try not to expose your granite to excessive heat as it may mark over time.
  • Do not cut or chop directly on granite worktops.  Scratches and marks made by knives are hard to repair so please use a chopping board.

Templating and Fitting

Remember that, because granite worktops are custom fabricated for each individual kitchen, your granite provider will have to take templates before fabricating them.  What this means for you is that once templated, your granite worktops may not be fitted for a period of 7-14 days depending on the supplier.  Fitting is quite quick, with most worktops being fitted in a couple of hours.

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