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Buyers Guide to Solid Surface Worktops

Solid Surface Worktop - Corian  

Solid Surface Worktops are a solid worktop which can be moulded and shaped in virtually any way you can imagine.  Made up of natural minerals and acrylics, solid surface worktops add style and elegance to kitchens while at the same time being hard wearing and easy to clean.

The best know solid surface worktops are Corian and LG Hi-Macs.  Typically, the worktop will be made up of 6-15mm of solid surface material which is moulded around an MDF or similar material to make up the thickness of the worktop.

When using solid surface worktops in your kitchen, the only limitation in design is your or your designers imagination.  These worktops are heated, shaped and set so if you are looking to add unusual designs to your kitchen worktops then solid surface worktops should be seriously considered.  Your kitchen sink can also be integrated into a solid surface worktop.  You can choose to have an undermount stainless steel sink or even have the sink moulded into the worktop using the same solid surface materials, helping to form a seamless integration.  The worktop joints will also be bonded and moulded so that no joints are actually visible giving a seamless look to your kitchen.

Both Corian and LG Hi-Macs, along with other brands, offer there worktops in a large selection of colours.  Various worktop heights are also available and the front edge of the worktop can be designed in a way to suit any style of kitchen although solid surface worktops are mainly popular in modern kitchens.

Caring for Solid Surface Worktops

  • Like most kitchen worktops, solid surfaces can develop light scratches and marks from daily use.  You should never cut or chop directly on your worktop but if scratches or marks do appear, they can usually per repaired with a light buffing.  We always recommend talking to your worktop provider if your worktop needs repairing.
  • For everyday cleaning, warm water and a microfibre cloth should be used and if necessary, use a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner.
  • Never place hot pans or other hot items directly on to solid surface worktops.  Always use a pan stand.
  • Use a chopping board when cutting and chopping to avoid unnecessary scratches.
Like all custom made kitchen worktops, solid surface worktops need to be templated once the kitchen base units are fitted.  Once templated, manufacturing can begin and fitting will usually take place within a two weeks.

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