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Buyers Guide to Timber Worktops

Timber Worktops - Kitchen Worktops  
If you love the look of real wood, then you will love Timber Worktops.  What most people love about them is the warm look and feel they give off in the kitchen.

But what most people worry about is the care and maintenance that go along with them.  But should this put you off?  Is taking the time to maintain them worth what you get back?

In our Buyers Guide to Timber Worktops we take a closer look.

Firstly, Timber Kitchen Worktops come in a variety of different woods.  The most popular choices are Oak, Walnut, Iroko, Beech, Cherry, Maple and Wenge.  You will notice from these that they are all hardwoods.  For obviously reasons, this is important.  Hardwoods are tough against daily use and last longer.

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to care for and maintain timber worktops.  A protective oil like a danish or linseed oil should be applied roughly every three months to ensure your worktops are protected.  Oiling only takes a few minutes and is well worth the effort.  A good way to tell if timber worktops need oiling is to put a few drops of water on them.  If the water sits on the worktop like small beads, then the worktops are fine.  If on the other hand, the water spreads and sits on the worktop, it is time to oil them.

Even though oiling timber worktops keeps the waterproof, it is still important to mop up any spillages straight away.  It is also important to place any hot pots and pans on to a pan stand and never directly onto timber worktops.  Hot pots and pans will scorch the timber and it will need to be sanded to get rid of it.

Taking a little time every few months to care for timber worktops is not a lot to ask and by doing so you will ensure they keep their natural beauty for a long time to come.

Oak Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops   Cherry Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops   Iroko Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops   Maple Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops
Oak Timber Worktop   Cherry Timber Worktop   Iroko Timber Worktop   Maple Timber Worktop
    Walnut Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops   Wenge Timber Worktop - Kitchen Worktops    
    Walnut Timber Worktop   Wenge Timber Worktop    
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